Sunday, February 29, 2004

For sale: The House of Horror court case.

Alan and Susan Sykes went to the appeal court in their case against James and Alison Taylor-Rose, who had sold them a house. The Sykes later discovered that their home had previously been the scene of a grisly murder, so they decided to sell the house but could not get full market value because of it's history. The couple tried to sue the Taylor-Roses' for being dishonest when they answered "no" to a questionnaire that asked: "Is there any information which you think the buyer may have a right to know?"

The original judge dismissed their case and so has the appeal court.

I have no sympathy for the Sykes. They have bought a house - so it has a history, all houses do. It is still a perfectly good house, structually sound. What happpened years ago does not make it a faulty house. It is in the past and does not affect the present day or the future. The Sykes are being daft and want to blame someone else for their lack of homework. The history of the house was not relevant to the sale. Even if they had done some work to the house and found some human remains nobody would need to know - and even if somebody did the case would never go against them as it is closed.

That is why the Australians call us whinging poms.

Friday, February 20, 2004

Shoddy working practices.

More details are now coming out about the causes and culture behind last weekends rail crash at Tebay in Cumbria.

It now appears that the brakes on this wagon were not working and it was initially secured by two wooden blocks that later gave way letting the unbraked wagon roll downhill. This type of working practice is deplorable - I think the culprits should be brought to justice. It also shows that not only is it "profit before service" but these private contractors view the lives of their workers as disposable and cheap. I also question the professionalism of the workers on the track who appear to accept such shoddy working practices. I would not work using such shoddy practices and I think they were fools to do so. They were simply ignorant and no excuses can be made. Now they and their employers have the blood of four of their colleagues on their hands.

Monday, February 09, 2004

Ian Duncan Smith plays Liverpool.

There are many old rock bands still touring and earning a living by performing all over the country. There is an old tory leader who has started a talking tour. The rock bands play to good audiences whilst Ian Duncan Smith probally talked to 67 - most of them journalists. That is not a lot of money in ticket sales at £12 a head - some were free. It was earlier reported in the diary column that Ian Duncan Smith would earn £4,000 for this talk and £3,000 if it was cancelled. He was on to very good money for such an unpopular act. Now he knows not to go into politics in a big way as he is unattractive to the public. It is a shame it took him so long to find out, probally because of the back slappers at Conservative Central Office. It would have been better for him and the country if there had been a "Political Idol" TV series!

Wednesday, February 04, 2004

Finnegan's Fish Bar - Bridgend .

Well, it may have got the prize of being the best fish and chip shop in the UK but when I tried it today I was not impressed. I shall not be going there again. The cod and chips were nothing special and it is a far better buy at Harry Ramsden's which is consistently good tasting and value at any of their sites around the country.

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