Tuesday, March 29, 2011

'Yes, you're free to leave – to the police station'

So, it appears, the Police tell lies. You have the right to demonstrate peacefully but afterwards you will be arrested for "aggravated trespass". Campaigners for the tax-avoidance protest group UK Uncut have claimed senior police officers "tricked" them into a mass arrest after a peaceful protest inside Fortnum & Mason's in London on Saturday.

This seems very unfair to me for two reasons:

One: We should have the right to demonstrate peacefully, sitting down in a shop should not be a crime. You should not be charged with aggravated trespass when other shoppers were ignored by the Police. What is aggravating about walking into an open shop and sitting down but not bothering anybody?

Two: The Police are paid for by you the taxpayer, to serve the public and uphold the law. This means acting for justice and not telling lies. To tell people that they are free to go home and then arrest them outside the shop is simply not fair play. These protesters were not harming anyone but were clearly tricked by the Police. No wonder the Police are losing the support of the public across our country.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Twenty Twelve on BBC Four television.

Tonight at 22.00 sees the third episode of Twenty Twelve on BBC Four television. Twenty Twelve is a spoof six-part documentary series about the people in the deliverance team trying to make the Olympics happen in London in 2012. It is done in typical BBC real life documentary style, that is with a straight face and industry standard dead-pan narration by David Tennant.

I have watched the first two episodes of Twenty Twelve and I think it is a HOOT! If you liked Come Fly With Me , then you should enjoy Twenty Twelve. The dialogue spoken in Twenty Twelve is wonderful and makes for a very entertaining programme.

Have you ever been irritated by managers who talk a load of bullshit by using the current trendy buzzwords around your industry but do not know what happens on the ground? Are you tired of slick professional presentation skills that dress up a bad service? Do you wonder if consultants know what is happening at the sharp end and if they have been conned by management into believing they are working for a company that is truly adaptive to the market? If you have answered YES to these three questions then Twenty Twelve is a programme for you and you will laugh your socks off!

Twenty Twelve demonstrates how many industries work and how much image is to blame. It is all about the brand and the deliverance team ignore the actual work but concentrate their time on presentation and delivering the message rather than the service. The deliverance team manager is Ian Fletcher, who has the best lines and is King of Bullshit. His favourite saying: "So... no. Basically, it's all good." His contribution really puts this programme on the map because he highlights just what is wrong with managers throughout our country. Managers who have a dream but have totally lost reality and no longer understand the jobs their staff are doing. They are out of touch but nobody challenges their bullshit because they accountable to nobody. Second best lines go to Siobhan Sharpe, Head of Brand, as she puts forward a wonderful shiny image on everything. Her favourite saying: "Guys we are where we are with this, and that's never a good place to be." I can imagine her saying "As this contract was no longer financially viable for Perfect Curve, especially given the level of additional investment that is required to continue operating this service to the required contractual standards, we can confirm that Classic Sheds had subsequently been successful in their bid."

Oh! and on episode two, it featured a top of the range touring coach supplied by Westbus and the driver was not wearing a seat belt. This driver was also sporting a bluetooth mobile telephone ear piece, which is very unprofessional and if it was used whilst working under contract for the nationwide company, would result in disciplinary action being taken against the offending driver.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Snowbound by Seth Daniels.

Jessica turned the key again and still the car whined but would not start. The sun was going down and she knew she should not leave her car but she decided she could not make it overnight. She was going to have to try to walk to the house she remembered passing about a mile back.

Snowbound is a fantasy story that would never happen in real life. It is easy reading, just like the popular women's magazine called Take a Break . There are only two characters in this story, Jessica and Earl. But there is no attitude in this fantasy tale, it is rather ordinary and like a soap opera. Snowbound does have an adult theme and features some BDSM but there is nothing gross and it should not offend Nanny Gail as she has seen more shocking stuff on Shameless .

I took nothing away from this book as it packs no surprises. Snowbound lacks originality and does not have the WOW! factor. The silliest dialogue in this tale was...

"Of course you can come in. Just as soon as you take all your clothes off."

"Please sir, I need help."

"I can see that. I need to see you without your clothes on if you want to come in this house."

...and the best bit was...

He pressed the button and then waited. The smell of the wax heating up was very noticeable. It was a pleasant smell and somehow that relaxed Jessica.

The first drop fell through the air landing on her stomach, just above her belly button. The striations in her well-defined muscles became very visible as her entire body tensed up. She let out a brief scream as she felt the burning on her skin. The wax continued to drop down on her sometimes hitting her arms other times dripping down her thigh before hardening.

...Snowbound was a disappointment and was no more amusing than a magazine story. This tale has a rather stupid ending. I cannot recommend this book and I will not purchase another of Seth's books. Snowbound was written in 2010 and is a very short story measuring 20 KB as an Amazon Kindle eBook, which displayed as only 40 screens in my default reading style. Yes, it only cost me 70p, although if you paid more than a pound, you would have been robbed! I vote this novella the minimum 1 star on Goodreads because I consider this book a MISS. It is a little bit of titillation and the result of the hard-on test is: YES.

Next book please!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

What Census? .

I have seen advertisements around our country about a Census. I overheard two passengers on my coach the other day talking about a Census. What Census is this I wondered? I have not received any Census form at my home here in Cardiff. Ah! I resign myself to believe, this must be a Census in England and that it is not taking place in Wales. Then I notice signs in Cardiff about a Census but still I have not received a form. Now I hear that our friends who live 10 minutes walk away, have received a Census form. My mother tells me that some of the residents in her sheltered housing complex have received a Census form, but she and some others have not received one.

Then I have a nagging thought...

I think it may be a legal requirement to complete a Census form, it is not voluntary.

...So, I had a look on-line tonight at a government website about a Census. Blow me down, there is a Census that I must take part in, otherwise I will face prosecution. So I followed the links and applied for a form.

My question is: How many people have not received a form and the first they hear about it is when somebody from the Office of National Statistics bullies them to complete the form or face a fine?

Maybe my mother and I have been unlucky in not receiving a Census form. But we have always received our voting papers. I wonder what has gone wrong? Maybe delivery of these Census forms has been out-sourced and the new operator has not been doing their job properly. Trouble is, non-completion could result in a fine, which seems grossly unfair if you have not received a form because the delivery agent has dumped them somewhere. It is bad that it is up to the citizen to contact our government for this wretched form.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Picnic Club.

Ah! The Picnic Club, which is not to be confused with The Camel Club , a group of fictional characters created by American novelist David Baldacci. They are the protagonists of five novels The Camel Club, The Collectors, Stone Cold, Divine Justice, and Hell's Corner.

No, The Picnic Club is a group of 17 guys at Treforest who take their own food to work and have a picnic in Birmingham or London. For this picnic their employer pays them £11.65 a day meal allowance tax free. For all my time working as a driver under contract to the nationwide company, I have been paid a daily meal allowance. All coach operators do this as a meal allowance is an agreed 'dispensation' with HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC). It is cheaper for employers to pay this than a higher hourly rate. We get £11.65 each day plus another £5.00 when we stay overnight in Bradford. We have received these allowances for many years now and the rates have not increased.

Suddenly, without warning the rumour mill tells the drivers at Treforest that these meal allowances will be withdrawn immediately. Rumour has it that some wally in an office did not fill out the paperwork for the tax man correctly. This was a tremendous shock as these payments were an agreed dispensation with the tax man.

So, we all filled out a Grievance Form...


This letter is an individual grievance for the following reasons:

That you have unlawfully deducted wages under section 13 ERA 1996 act .

That you have not notified me in writing, which is required under the above act, before this deduction has been taken.

That you have not received any written consent from me, as required by the above act.

I require to have a Unite union rep in any subsequent meetings to discuss this issue.

I also require that this grievance is heard within 5 working days as is [redacted] policy.


Driver No:


...Well management responded and we had our usual hourly pay from an account named after our old management team PLUS the deducted meal allowances in FULL from a account named after the new management team.

Sadly the damage has been done and one driver has walked out in protest. Peter refuses to come back. There is now a very big suspicion that management are up to some very dirty tricks.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Google Chrome the browser that defeats hackers.

I have been using the Google Chrome internet browser for over fourteen months now. The speed of this browser is very good and it does everything I want from a browser. I also like the Google Chrome attitude to bookmarks, simply forget to make them! Just live your internet experience in the Google Chrome cloud. Google Chrome has One box for everything , it is called the Address bar.

Today I read that Google set a challenge at the annual contest called Pwn2Own, where hackers compete to find flaws in the browsers. The latest competition was last week in Vancouver, where hackers breached Apple's Safari browser and Internet Explorer 8. Chrome remained untouched despite Google offering a $20,000 reward to find a flaw in its product. The researchers successfully exploited Safari and Internet Explorer. A team from French security company Vupen took down Safari 5 running on a MacBook Air notebook in five seconds, and independent researcher Stephen Fewer used a trio of vulnerabilities to hack IE8 on Windows 7.

So, Google offered a reward of $20,000 and the hackers did not break into Google Chrome. That is some result and another reason why Google Chrome is my browser of choice. To use a browser that hackers have not yet exploited is great for everyone if you want to stay ahead of the game and surf safe. If you have not yet tried Google Chrome, I strongly suggest you give it a go. I have been very happy with this browser since I made the switch in January 2010.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Sugar & Spice by Saffina Desforges .

A child's severed arm is found by 2 boys playing along the canal in Southall. Sugar & Spice is a full length crime thriller and is only available as a 508 KB text file for the Amazon Kindle. Sugar & Spice was written in 2010 and is really two books in one.

Sugar & Spice is a complete novel in the crime thriller genre but includes within it a detailed anthropology of paedophilia. A tremendous amount of research has gone into this book and you learn about paedophilia through the dialogue between the characters in this story. For example when Thomas Bristow is talking to Claire...

“I see the doubt in your eyes, but the figures speak for themselves. In the Philippines alone there are estimated to be at least sixty-thousand child prostitutes. It's a similar story throughout the poorer countries of Asia and Latin America, and to a lesser extent even in the developed countries, in North America and in Europe. Eastern Europe especially. Yes, of course they're motivated by poverty, just like the adult sex-trade. But the trade can only exist because there is demand. Men, and women, travel from all over the world to take advantage of the service these children provide. Can so many people be wrong?”

...As well as a world of detail about paedophilia this book also explains in great detail the work of criminal profilers, psychotherapists, social workers and police officers. This story deals greatly with how people think and the desires of paedophiles. For example as ...

Though a competent swimmer he never ventured into the water once during the three hours he spent there. He stripped to his trunks, spread out a towel and lay out on the window seat to enjoy the view, watching the little girls run past from the lagoon pool to the surfing pool, wet costumes clinging to young bodies. It was an enjoyable afternoon spent building up an appetite for delights yet to come.

...But there is nothing to make the reader feel uncomfortable. The most extreme section is probably...

When he put on his Tom Jones accent and said he'd like her to join him for the optional evening meal she was in seventh heaven. When he took to the upright piano in the guest's lounge after dinner and ran off a passable rendition of Delilah, followed by Green, Green Grass she almost wet herself. The other guests applauded loudly, adults and children alike. The little girl from Manchester sat on his lap, her parents looking on, delighted with the free entertainment. “You should be on the stage,” they said, oblivious to his hand beneath their daughter's dress. The child too excited to notice, too young to think anything of it if she had.

...This book is not a challenge to read. The writing is very clear and there is plenty going on with a busy plot line. This story deals with people's prejudices and how easy it is to jump to certain conclusions, especially to fit someone up for a crime...

“You used to have your own ice-cream van. Mr. Whippy, wasn't it?”
“Yes, but it didn’t work out.”
“Just a front to get close to little kiddies, wasn’t it? How did it work? Show us your knickers, little girl, and I’ll let you play with my ninety-nine?”

...You will read many warning bells and jump to the wrong conclusion, just like in real life. I identified the wrong person as Uncle Tom, the killer, as I was only 35% through the story!

The psychotherapist Ruth Reynolds leads the reader through the concepts of paedophilia as she talks to Greg...

“There are people out there who genuinely believe that sex with children is harmless fun and should be legalised.”
“You’ve heard of the Paedophile Information Exchange, surely?”
“Sort of. But it’s defunct now, isn’t it?”
“Officially, yes. It’s a legally proscribed organisation, but banning something doesn’t make the problem go away. I can assure you its members are still out there. Not just here, but worldwide. Have you ever heard of the Rene Guyon Society?” “Never.”
“The original American Pie. They advocate the legalisation of what they call trans-generational sex. Their motto might appeal to you, Greg.”
Randall popped his head round the screen inquisitively.
“What is it?” Reynolds smiled at him. “Sex before eight, or else it’s too late.”

...It is not all about sex crimes though, there is some mild humour in the dialogue stringing this story along. For example as one sex offender is talking to Claire...

“So what brought you to Milton Keynes?”
“Came to see the concrete cows one day and couldn’t find my way out.” He grinned. “Work, what else? No one comes here by choice! No, seriously, it's a great place, despite all the jokes. It's only a few years back unemployment was unheard of round here."

...There is a dramatic ending to this novel and then Ruth tries to explain to Claire...

“When you see the screaming masses outside a Court when a paedophile is on trial do you think they care one jot about the victim? Of course not. All they're worried about is their own kids, just as they worry about their own house or car. About their own personal property. They scream and shout about child abuse, but in the next breath they're at home smacking their own little brats, making them breathe their cigarette smoke, feeding them junk food, palming them off on the cheapest babysitter they can find while they go out on the town.”

...So there you have it. I think that Sugar & Spice is an entertaining book to read, a book that not only entertains but also informs the reader about issues that are alien to them. I will vote this book the maximum 5 stars on Goodreads because I enjoyed reading it so much and there is nothing wrong with it. The price of Sugar & Spice on the Amazon Kindle is a surprising 71p. Do not be put off by this bargain price, it would be worth a cover price of £7.99 if it was published in paperback. This is a very good novel, so count me in for Saffina's next novel called Snow White, when it is released later this year.

I took 3 things away from Sugar & Spice.

1: An understanding of paedophilia

2: Do not jump to conclusions about people

3: Never judge a book by it's cover price

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Big Plate Thursday .

We went for a pub lunch last Thursday to the Oystercatcher, which is along Terra Nova Way in Penarth. The Oystercatcher is a Green King pub trading under the Hungry Horse brand. We looked at the very colourful menu and noticed the day sensitive list of special offers. What is that we spotted about half way down the menu card?


...Oh, I thought, that sounds damn good value to me! In the back of my mind before entering the restaurant, I had designs on the fish and chip supper which I have had many times before. Now, let's look at the closely, ah yes, the fish and chip supper is featured in the Big Plate Specials section of the menu...

A bigger and better catch than the chippy! Hand battered
fish with chips, peas (mushy if you like), tartare sauce and
a wedge of lemon, served on a Hungry Horse newspaper.

...that is good, so would I prefer a starter or a pudding with my meal? Let's have a look at them all. No prizes for guessing that Gail chose a starter of a prawn cocktail but what did Stephen fancy? Oh, that sounds rather nice...

A delicious GIANT rocky road with marshmallows,
chocolate flakes, whipped mousse & toffee sauce.
All on a chocolate biscuit base with vanilla ice cream,
chocolate ice cream & chocolate sauce.

...oh yes, big boy, Stephen will go for that, thank you very much! So what did I get for my £6.19p? One nice big meal, thank you very much! The fish and chip supper was as good as ever. I do not know what breed of fish it actually is but it is gorgeous, white and plump, just like Gail. So I thought, bring on the pudding. I believe there is no such thing as a free lunch and that you only get what you pay for. Therefore any free dessert would probably be a child's portion. WRONG! It said GIANT ROCKY ROAD on the menu and boy! was this pudding big? It was a big mother of a pudding, big enough for 2 people to share comfortably. But Gail chose the starter, this was my pudding! I let her have a taste so that she knew what she was missing though! This GIANT ROCKY ROAD was a lovely dessert and actually worth £3.99p of anybody's money.

So, if you want a good value pub lunch for the healthy appetite, look on your calendar. If it is a Thursday, then head over to the nearest branch of the Hungry Horse brand. You will have a very good meal for the money.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

When the words below a newspaper photograph make you smile .

Without reading a newspaper from cover to cover and reading every word, sometimes a photograph and the caption below attract your attention. This is what happened today when I invested 20p on an i.

Barbara Windsor takes her son Boris to get some new smart shoes for school

...Laughing out loud, that's one to show my mate Matthew down at the farm! The story below this well captioned photograph explains this image. Here at C&S we like to keep an eye on what the competition is up to. And looking at some of our rival celebrity columns we realised that the one thing they had which we didn’t was pictures of blonde-haired beauties. With that in mind – and in line with our need to keep up with the pack – here is a picture of two hot, young blond(e)s – Boris Johnson and Barbara Windsor. The pair, who had the appearance of a mother and reluctant son on a shopping trip, were in London’s East End to promote the concept of “street parties”and neighbourly love.

Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Quote of the day .

My quote of the day goes to Douglas Alexander, the shadow Foreign Secretary. In a Commons debate about handling of the Libya crisis by William Hague, the Foreign Secretary - Douglas Alexander said...

"The British public are entitled to wonder whether, if some new neighbours moved into the Foreign Secretary's street, he would introduce himself by ringing the doorbell or instead choose to climb over the fence in the middle of the night."

...laughing out loud! Douglas, perhaps William Hague has been reading too many Andy McNab novels.

Monday, March 07, 2011

Amazon Kindle .

I took the plunge and invested in an Amazon Kindle. This is a wonderful device and you can read all about it on the Amazon website . That webpage tells you all you need to know about the Amazon Kindle. I will not republish the content of that webpage but write about how I enjoy using my Kindle.

The Amazon Kindle is a bridge between computers and books. Books are great because in general you start on the first page and read through until the last page. Computers are great because you can search and find through a world of data. However, computers and their software have become bloated and drifted a long way from the plain text that book readers enjoy. I do enjoy computers but feel that a lot of the technology and software is a waste. Do adults need touch screens, bright colours and icons to get the content they desire? Surely not, adults should be literate enough to be able to read a written menu and to depress physical buttons. Am I a child and need a tablet computer like an iPad? No, I just want a computer that can work with words. My other love is books.

The Amazon Kindle gives the reader the best of books, coupled directly to a powerful word processor. My Kindle can hold up to 3,500 books, which is a huge library that I can carry around in my pocket. Everything that I read on my Kindle will look the same because you choose the font, pitch, margin width and line spacing. The Kindle Store at Amazon is huge and there is a vast range of novels to buy. New authors may not be able to get their books published in paperback but they can release them as a Kindle book for less than a £1. This gives the reader a huge diversity of content that is not available in paperback at your supermarket or bookstore.

My Kindle gives me just what I would want from a netbook computer, it is cheaper, has a battery life of up to a month and a screen that you can read in bright sunshine. It has addressed all the failings of netbook computers. There is no boot up delay on a Kindle, it is instant and like an MP3 player in it's efficiency of use.

The diversity of books on offer at the Kindle Store is a joy to browse. It is good to be able to try novels not from the usual big name authors. Because the cost of publishing and distributing is vastly reduced, this should encourage new authors to publish rather than have their dreams destroyed by publishers who want to play it safe.

The Amazon Kindle is really easy to use. For the impatient the box tells you were to plug it in and turn it on. For the average user there is a printed Quick Start Guide. For people who love books there is the on screen Kindle User's Guide. I suggest that you actually read the Kindle User's Guide because it will tell you everything there is to know about the Kindle. The technical author who wrote the Kindle User's Guide deserves some praise because it is so clear and logical.

I am very pleased with my Kindle and it is as much a joy to take along with me to work, as it is to use around our home. I was reading a paperback novel yesterday and to make a few notes, I had to find a pen and some scrap paper. I wanted to quote from that novel but I will have to move the paperback in front of our desktop computer and copy type onto my blog. With my Kindle I can make notes and quote in just a couple of clicks on it's keyboard. Paperback books seem so old-school to me now!

The book I am reading at the moment on my Kindle is called Sugar & Spice by Saffina Desforges. It is not available in paperback, only in Kindle eBook format. How much have I paid for this full length crime thriller from a new author? It is an absolute bargain at £0.71 - that is not a typo - 71p for a full length novel. You may think that you will only get what you pay for. Not in this case, Sugar & Spice would be worth a regular £8.00 if published as a paperback. I will publish a review on this blog when I have finished reading it all.

I vote the Amazon Kindle a HIT. A computer that fits in your pocket, for people who like to read. An iRead for the budget minded!

Friday, March 04, 2011

64.6% could not be bothered to vote in yesterday's referendum.

One: A staggering 64.6% of people who were registered to vote in Wales, could not be bothered to vote in yesterday's referendum.

Two: 517,132 of the people who could be bothered to vote, thought it was a good idea for the National Assembly for Wales to have extra law making powers. The "Yes" vote attracted 63.5% of the votes counted in the referendum.

I am shocked at these results. I think that a voter turn-out of just 35.4% is disgraceful for democracy. What is up with these people? We get very little chance at all to have our say in anything important. To throw your vote away and not be counted is no better than being a member in a flock of sheep.

This referendum went against my opinion, I voted "NO". The "YES" vote of 63.5% is so far ahead of the "NO" vote that I concede defeat. This referendum is representative of the people of Wales. It shows very clearly two things...

One: The majority of people living in Wales have given up on politics and are not bothered by what happens in Westminster or Cardiff Bay.

Two: The majority of people living in Wales want to pay more money in taxes, so that they can enact more laws that are only applicable within Wales.

I hope that the United Kingdom Alternative Vote referendum on the 5th May 2011 will have a much better voter turn-out than the miserable 35.4% in yesterday's referendum in Wales. The question posed will be:

At present, the UK uses the “first past the post” system to elect MPs to the House of Commons. Should the “alternative vote” system be used instead?

...and my vote will be "NO". This was not a difficult decision to make and I just hope that people will be bothered to vote, rather than blindly live their lives like sheep. You only have the one vote, every once in a while, so get your lazy backside off the sofa and along to the post box or the polling station.

Thursday, March 03, 2011

Just how many CCTV cameras are watching you?

There are many CCTV cameras watching over people here in the UK. Popular opinion states that the UK is the "most watched" society in the world and that the average Briton passes under 300 cameras a day. However, hard figures are impossible to obtain. We just do not know how many CCTV cameras there are today in the UK. What happens is a survey is undertaken in one area and the figures are extrapolated to give a figure for the whole of the UK. But if you simply extrapolate these statistics, you can get some very different results for the national picture. The Cheshire Police survey claims the UK is being watched by a network of 1.85m CCTV cameras, equivalent to one CCTV camera for every 32 people. Yet when statistics from 2 Wandsworth streets were used and extrapolated, this gave a headline grabbing figure of 4.2m CCTV cameras in the UK.

So we just don't know how many CCTV cameras are watching you. We also do not know how many of these cameras and recorders actually work. The whole CCTV scene is open to vast exaggeration. We could be the most watched society in the world or it could be a complete myth put about by the owners of these CCTV cameras. Remember that CCTV cameras do not stop crime, they only record that the crime has taken place if the cameras and recorders actually work. Catching the criminal dressed in a grey hoodie is another matter though!

If you take those 2 surveys as examples, then there may be half or twice as many CCTV cameras operating in the UK as you previously thought. I think the actual number of active, working and recording CCTV cameras are simply the making of an urban legend. We may be a nation addicted to the positioning of fake CCTV cameras and threatening notices.

Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Goan Vegetable Curry .

We had a pub lunch last Thursday and chose to go to the Crossways Brewers Fayre at Caerphilly. It has been a long time since we have been to a branch of the Brewers Fayre chain of restaurants. They now have a new menu which I studied to see if they had something different to the regular pub fayre.

Ah! what is this?...

Goan Vegetable Curry

A coconut based curry containing sweet potato, cauliflower, lentils, spinach and green peppers. Served with basmati rice, a naan bread, poppadoms and mango chutney.

...this meal is priced at £6.99 but qualifies for the 2 Main Meals for £10 offer when served Monday to Friday between 12.00 and 18.30

Well, I thought, I like the sound of that! I have never had a Goan curry in a pub before and like my view on Real Ales, if I have not sampled the product before, I will have one so that I know.

I thoroughly enjoyed this Goan Vegetable Curry and would recommend this meal to food lovers who would like something a little different. In a word, this meal is "tasty". It is not a hot curry but one with a lovely light flavour that makes you think of spring, sunshine and dog walks along a river. If you enjoy a Korma, then you should like the Goan Vegetable Curry. What the Brewers Fayre have done with their curry that other brewers have not done, is include on your plate a naan bread and 2 poppadoms. Usually on a pub meal curry you get a naan bread OR a poppadom. I have never had both a naan bread and 2 poppadoms on the same plate!

Well done to Brewers Fayre and their new menu. I vote the Goan Vegetable Curry a HIT.

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