Friday, January 07, 2011

Come Fly With Me on BBC One television.

I am very much enjoying a new comedy series broadcast on BBC One television called Come Fly With Me. This programme is set in a busy airport and on the departing and arriving flights, featuring characters played by Matt Lucas and David Walliams. Come Fly With Me is a mock documentary in the style of Airport and Airline. You have a narrator, Lindsay Duncan that adds further reality to this spoof of day-job documentaries. It was not recorded in a television studio but 2 real life working airports. What the viewer gets is a comedy programme that is like a regular documentary but where the participants tell you what they are actually thinking, rather than their company charm school lip service to customers. Many viewers are aware of the many problems in the transport industry and this programme highlights these issues and pokes great fun at them. Last night a passenger at check-in claimed that her child was a lot younger than he clearly was - passengers often try it on to get a reduced fare or free travel for their child. This is fraud and the passenger always claims that their child is big for their age.

Matt Lucas and David Walliams came to fame with their hit comedy programme called Little Britain. Over time Little Britain became a little tired and it lost it's edge. The comedy of Little Britain was often puerile, lacking in depth and rather repetitive. Come Fly With Me is fresh and the characters are so very different to those of Little Britain.

Matt Lucas and David Walliams play a large range of characters which demonstrates the diversity of the workforce in the travel industry. What they play very well is women but not in a drag artist way. Matt Lucas and David Walliams look and act like regular women everywhere, whether they are working or travelling as a passenger. They do not glam themselves up or overstate their clothing. They act and appear as regular women, it is only because you know it is Matt Lucas and David Walliams acting, otherwise you would take them as women without a doubt and not men in a dress. These guys know how to cross dress and look the part without raising doubts.

I vote Come Fly With Me a hit and look forward to future episodes of this excellent comedy television programme.
I also found it very funny, my favourite bit was when the Customs Officers tested suspect drugs by trying them out finally letting the smuggler through because they were so high.

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