Saturday, August 04, 2012

Moving on.

I started writing this blog, natural yogurt, in January 2004. The internet and the way people use computers has changed a lot in those 8 years. The internet and the people using it has moved on a lot in that time. So after 1,086 posts it is now time for Stephen to move on to other platforms within the internet.

Many, many blogs have started and ceased being active in those 8 years. My blog has been active a lot longer than most and I have enjoyed writing it big time. It was lovely having a platform for my views on the world. I could write at great length about whatever I wanted in my labour of love that was natural yogurt.

The internet and the people using it have moved on and this Thursday, I took the decision to move on. I will find a new digital home somewhere where I will be happy in my little corner of the internet. The internet is a much bigger place now than it was back in 2004. Some things have improved but others have gone downhill.

Freedom of speech has been reduced over the last 8 years with companies turning nasty on their employees. People have been thrown off websites for posting their views, if a reader does not like them. Some people have even been taken to court for posting their views on various websites.

There are now two types of internet. The wild open spaces that search engines can index and walled gardens that only account holders can search. This is a shame and is another loss to our freedoms of association.

Twitter has taken off big time and traditional bloggers like natural yogurt are declining in active numbers. This is a shame because serious blog posts have been replaced by a torrent of small talk in 140 characters blocks.

I would like to give a big thank you to everyone who has read my blog. Thanks also to the many people who have also left a comment. I will not delete this blog but leave it to stand in the wild open spaces of the internet. I am proud of what I have written in those 1,086 posts and I will leave my digital footprint behind for people to look up when they use an internet search engine.

Good bye everyone.

Stephen, posting for the very last time on natural yogurt, from his home in Cardiff, UK.

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