Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Dog owners.

Dog owners vary quite a lot, some are responsible and some are intimidating. By and large I find dog owners approachable, loving and friendly people.

But there can be problems as both Bumpy Highway and Zoe Williams report. Both of these commentators are right in what they say and it is the minority of irresponsible dog owners who make the non-dog owning general public wary when they see their pet advancing towards them on the pavement.

Monday, January 30, 2012

Oh, Bruno! 

Just finished watching a film on our digital TV recorder. It was called Bruno and starred the very funny comedian Sacha Baron Cohen. I tried to watch this film the other week but Nanny Gail and my father threw the card in with their quality threshold and the film was withdrawn from viewing.

Sadly Gail is in hospital following the full replacement of her left knee and my father is back home with my mother in their sheltered housing complex. I was told to watch this disgusting programme on my own and to delete it from our digital TV recorder when I had finished.

Okay, I have watched this film that had proved so offensive to both my wife Gail and my father. What did I think of it in the end?

Absolutely brilliant! What a hoot this film was for me, it was so screamingly funny! It really took the mickey out of gay stereotypes, I could not help but laugh. It poked great fun at the general public's ignorance to homosexuality. I was rolling about with laughter on my sofa. This film was not crude but it's satire was severe. There was no need to cringe, like Nanny Gail and my father did. Sacha Baron Cohen poked great fun at the ignorance that blights homosexuality in the public's eye. But his spread of the depiction of ignorance spread far wider than sexual politics. One of the funniest parts of his film involved his acted ignorance during an interview regarding the difference between Hamas and Hummus . I must give a big thanks to the many stars who appeared in a cameo role in Sacha's film, they were a great sport and appreciated the joke that was lost on Nanny Gail and my father.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Go for it, Amy. 

I am not a competitive type of guy but sometimes I want to cheer someone on to win a competition. I am not a fan of sport or talent shows but sometimes you catch something and you want a certain person to win. I do not go to sporting events or nightclubs but with the internet you do not miss the exciting bits.

A GRAPHIC video of a drunk female student stripping has thrown Cardiff’s binge-drinking reputation into the spotlight again. The clip of the University of Glamorgan student frolicking nude in an inflatable paddling pool has been seen by thousands on the internet. Dozens of revellers filmed the 20-year-old as she took part in a wet T-shirt competition at Oceana nightclub on Greyfriars Road.

The Echo was unable to reach the student for comment last night but she did write about the incident on her Twitter page. She said: “Yes I got drunk and yes I got naked. We all do things we regret and there is nothing I can do about it now.”

 ...Sadly videos of this wet T-shirt competition have been removed from You Tube. However, a quick search on the internet can reveal that the girl's name is Amy McCrow and I have found a copy of the 9 minute and 22 second video on the Daily Motion website.

So, sit back, enjoy and cheer Amy on to win her competition.

"Go on girl, go for it, Amy".


Saturday, January 28, 2012

That feeling again.

I had that feeling again, yesterday. The feeling hit me out of the blue and seemed to come from nowhere. I went to the Baron's Court, Toby Carvery for a meal before I went to visit Gail in Llandough Hospital. I had finished my meal and the ice cream when suddenly it hit me. The feeling was the same as last time and just as acute.

Back in 1991, I was living on my own in a small starter home in Pill, a small village 7 miles to the west of Bristol city centre. I was standing at a bus stop in Pill waiting for a bus to meet my mate John, (who comments on this blog) for a drink in a pub in Bristol. All of a sudden I had an acute feeling of wanting to be next to Gail and I felt at a loss away from her. Gail was living 50 miles away in Cardiff but it could have been the other side of the world. I just felt so lost away from her that I knew she had become a part of my life and we had fallen in love with each other. Then I knew that I wanted to marry Gail and spend the rest of my life with her. I moved to Cardiff and we got married in September 1991.

Yesterday that same acute feeling hit me again. It came as quite a shock as we have been happily married for over 20 years now. There was a feeling of an acute sense of being lost without her and I felt that a part of me was missing. Gail was in a hospital just 2 miles up the road from where I was sitting but she could have been the other side of the world because I felt so far away from that closeness that we have shared for over 20 years.

That feeling was as strong yesterday as it was on that bus stop in Pill. I understand what Gail and the relationship we share means to me. Marrying her was not a flight of fancy but a commitment for life, a commitment to the woman I love. To get the same acute feeling after 20 years shows that I have married the right woman for me, who has become my soul mate.

Friday, January 27, 2012

A temple to Atheism, yes or no? 

There is an interesting article in the Guardian newspaper today about the philosopher and writer Alain de Botton's proposal to build a 46-metre (151ft) tower to celebrate a "new atheism" as an antidote to what he describes as Professor Richard Dawkins's "aggressive" and "destructive" approach to non-belief.

Dawkins criticised the project on Thursday, indicating the money was being misspent and that a temple of atheism was a contradiction in terms. "Atheists don't need temples," the author of The God Delusion said. "I think there are better things to spend this kind of money on. If you are going to spend money on atheism you could improve secular education and build non-religious schools which teach rational, sceptical critical thinking."

Humanists said it was misplaced for non-believers to build quasi-religious buildings, because atheists did not need temples to probe the meaning of life. "The things religious people get from religion – awe, wonder, meaning and perspective – non-religious people get them from other places like art, nature, human relationships and the narratives we give our lives in other ways," said Andrew Copson, chief executive of the British Humanist Society.

I read the whole article which was a good piece of journalism. It was balanced and let the reader make up their own mind once they had read all the arguments. Of course, a personal blog like natural yogurt does not have to be balanced and I can broadcast my own opinion whilst ignoring those of different views.

So, which way is Stephen, an Atheist, going to vote on this issue? I am going to vote for Richard Dawkins, whose book The God Delusion, I have read and enjoyed. I also think that Andrew Copson, chief executive of the British Humanist Society, is also right and he gets my vote too. £1m to build a temple to Atheism is an awful lot of money. I suggest that if you want a secular monument in London when you can ponder the meaning of life and gain a perspective, then walk along to the  7 July Memorial in Hyde Park.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Billy the Hood.

And on other beard news today, we have my father this morning in Morrison's.

With Gail in hospital and our home rather full of food and drink, I did not have much to buy today on our weekly shop at Morrison's in Cardiff Bay. So I whizzed around with a trolley, paid for the goods, went to the car and drove to re-fuel.  Because I parked in another car space I went back in the supermarket to see mum or dad, so that we could meet up when mother had finished shopping. Wondering around the store I spotted dad the other side of the check-out. I walked over and we both sat on a bench gossiping until mother finished.

Dad feels the cold and he had the hood of his anorak over his head. This hood did not come down, so after a bit I asked him why it was still up. "It's stuck son" he replied, "I can't unfasten the knot". I giggled, then offered to untie his hood. "But watch the beard, it might hurt!" dad exclaimed. "Don't worry dad" I replied "if I catch you, then you'll yelp and I will stop!". Dad had not fastened his hood in a bow but with a reef knot. I untied his hood and we had a good laugh about it. He is 79 years old and looks so helpless at times, today was one of them.

Disneyland moves into the 19th century .

Oh, some cultures are backward and are stranded in the middle ages. Disneyland appears to be making a move not into the current 21st century but proudly, for Disneyland, into the 19th century. Many companies throughout the world have ridiculous dress codes that employees must follow.

From 3 February, employees in Disneyland Florida and California will be allowed to report for duty with beards or goatees – providing they are less than a quarter of an inch long.

However, soul patches – the small smears of fur trapped between bottom lip and chin – remain outlawed, as do visible tattoos, "extreme" hairstyles and colours, and piercing lodged in any part of the body except female ears.

A 2010 review of the attire of female workers resulted in an end to the obligatory wearing of tights with skirts and the nod being given to sleeveless tops (as long as their straps were at least three inches wide).

So, Disneyland will now welcome beards but do not worry, Stephen will not be dressing up as Mickey Mouse because I have some visible tattoos. Clearly Disneyland has a long way to come but they have made this small step towards common sense. Maybe in another 200 years time Disneyland may allow it's employees to sport visible tattoos and body piercings. Hope is out there and sometimes even stupid, ignorant and backward cultures can move forward and join the rest of the world. 

Monday, January 23, 2012

Home alone.

Oh, it feels strange, being home alone. I came home tonight to an empty house. No little dog running to the door and no television set on. The house was deserted and quiet. It felt very strange indeed.

Gail went into hospital today to have her left knee replaced. Barney went to stay with friends until my day off on Thursday. So I am home alone, a feeling I have not had since 1991.

Have I put the television on? No thank you! Have I put the computer on? Definitely!

It is only for 3 nights but it does seem odd. I must remember not to spend too much time on this computer though and go to bed so as to be refreshed for work tomorrow.

I popped in to see Gail after I finished work tonight and her operation went well. This was a relief for me as the thought of the mechanics of knee replacement gave me the willies.

Oh, the peace and sitting here now at 23.35 it feels like I am far away from civilization, not just 5 miles west of the centre of Cardiff. That bed is going to feel strange tonight, with just me in it and without Barney sleeping on the floor next to me.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Phew! All at peace in our little house.

Things have returned to normal in our little house tonight. Gail and I were so used to it just being the 2 of us at home. That was until Tuesday 20th December when my Mam and Dad came to stay with us. We thought it best that Dad stayed with us whilst Mother was admitted to hospital.

We noticed a big difference with Dad living here and his habits can be rather a challenge. It is so easy to forget how people move on and Gail and I both noticed how different our lives had become. It was different for Dad also with Mother being in hospital and him having to fit in with our way of life. When Mother came back from hospital she really enjoyed the company staying with us. It was so different for her being able to natter with Gail at all hours. Gail rules the television and Mother had the chance to watch television programmes that Dad would never entertain.

Tonight I took Mam and Dad back home to their sheltered housing flat that is 2 miles down the road. Gail and I had a debriefing session and we both feel the same.

It was great to do the family thing and have Mam and Dad stay with us.

We really appreciate the way we do things and the way we live.

Children move away from their parents so much that it would be a great strain to live together for a long time.

Personal space is very important and your home is your castle. It is all right being sociable and family orientated but you need that personal space and time together without interruptions.

Why were Mam and Dad quite every night until 21.00 when they would suddenly pipe up and talk through whatever television programme you were trying to watch!

We think that Mam deserves a medal for looking after Dad all these years and doing everything for him.

Why was Dad so difficult with the television? There is something for everybody and programmes do not have to be high-brow. It is something called light-entertainment and modern comedy is good. He did get a big shock with http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0889583/"> Bruno the Sacha Baron Cohen film. He thought it was unsuitable and was disappointed in my film choice! 

...So, it has been a very different 4 weeks and now we are back to normal. Barney, our little dog will miss the company though, although he can now stretch out on the 2 seater sofa.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Take your hat off to Robyn!

So, at London Fashion Week, Robyn on the 21st February at a trendy studio in Shoreditch, will show her autumn/winter collection of hats. What interest have I got in hats? Is it the fact that Robyn Coles is a top Welsh fashion designer?

No, what surprises me is that Robyn wants her hats to get noticed and does not want anything else to distract the audience. Why have other clothes distract people from your hats? So Robyn has taken the unusual artistic decision to order her models to walk down the catwalk naked, except for one of her hats! She is not using size zero models but people of all shapes and sizes. This is very refreshing for London Fashion Week and I think it is a shrewd move by Robyn.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

The sun is shining and dogs love to play...

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Hammersmith flyover opens for VIP's. 

Yesterday saw the reopening of the Hammersmith flyover in London. It was reopened with only one lane in each direction, beforehand it had two lanes running each way. But now it has one VIP lane each way. Oh yes, this is a dedicated Very Important Person lane, dictated by a 6' 6" (2 metre) width limit. This width restriction is being enforced by Police Officers who will force coaches and lorries into a lay-by to receive penalties.

This now means that coach passengers will be treated like second class citizens and sent around Hammersmith Broadway whist car drivers are given the VIP treatment and allowed to speed over the flyover. The structural repair works, which TfL now expects to take around four months to complete, will focus on strengthening six of the 16 spans of the structure to ensure that they can carry full traffic loading by the 2012 Games.

If you want an expert to explain What’s Wrong With The Hammersmith Flyover? , then by reading Andrew Foster's article you will understand.

What I can tell you is that forget the green credentials of coach passengers, our politicians just view them as second class citizens who can wait whilst the affluent car drivers speed past. We have a two class society here. The VIP car driving class speeding along in all lanes of the motorway at 70 mph, along a lane at the end of the M4 which used to be a dedicated bus lane and finally over a VIP flyover avoiding the congestion around Hammersmith Broadway. This compares to the coach passenger whose coach is NOT allowed to travel in the third lane of the motorway and has it's speed limited from the mandatory 70 mph down to 62 mph. The old M4 bus lane has gone so it's progress is delayed before enduring further congestion around Hammersmith whilst the car drivers speed over the flyover into Central London.

So much for the green credentials of using public transport as you travel along with the League of Nations to London Victoria Coach Station.

Friday, January 13, 2012

She had a point, you know. 

Okay, this story has been playing on my mind just a little. Much was said about Teresa Gambaro, the Australian MP who said that new arrivals needed to be taught about "what are norms in Australia", which also included how to queue properly. "Without trying to be offensive, we are talking about hygiene and what is an acceptable norm in this country when you are working closely with other co-workers. You hear reports of people using public transport (without deodorant) and I think Australian residents are guilty of this too. I think we all need to be mindful of our fellow traveller." Within hours of the interview, her Wikipedia entry had been edited by an unknown person to show her profession as "armpit sniffer" and her religion as "orderly queueing".

Teresa's comments rang a bell with me, I have noticed in my day job as a coach driver working for the nationwide company here in the UK, that many immigrant passengers smell strongly of body odour and would not queue but stampede the coach. I can't offer any supporting news stories about bad smelling foreign passengers but sadly I can draw your attention to black people's reluctance to queue .

A woman had been crushed to death in a stampede for places at a South African university. Thousands of young South Africans and their parents had camped out for 24 hours at the University of Johannesburg to seek its precious remaining slots. A melee broke out at about 7.30am. Ihron Rensburg, the university's vice-chancellor, said: "When we opened the gates this morning, we had this unfortunate, this very sad situation, where there was simply an unbearable crush on the front entrance, or front gate." A mother who had accompanied her son to the campus was killed, he said. "The situation was particularly tragic as the young man was inside the registration tent and had no idea that this had happened." Three other people were critically injured and nearly 20 others hurt. Witnesses told how the gate broke and people tried to clamber over the fence. Desmond Mlangu, a prospective student, said he witnessed a "traumatising" scene, with women screaming and people continuing to push. Hours later, shoes, camping chairs and other detritus was strewn across the site.

Teresa Gambaro has got a lot of stick over her comments in that interview but I do think that she had a point though. I can get over the smell of these immigrant passengers, it does not bother me that much. When you smell an earthy woman it does get you thinking down below! What I really dislike is their reluctance to queue as they stampede towards you with their cheap plastic bags.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Snow White (Rose Red crime thriller series) by Saffina Desforges .

Meet Detective Inspector Cassandra Red Rose, the central character in the start of Saffina's new crime thriller series. This novel is awfully British and is written in the style of the long running television series called The Bill.

Snow White is a run of the mill police investigation with nothing new or really involved. There is a lot of detail about police procedures and the culture within police forces. Saffina handles the workplace culture between officers very well. Although Snow White is a crime thriller it is not just about a policewoman's job. Out of work, Cassandra Red Rose has a life, a life she shares with Philippa Crichton-Ward, QC. This means that Cassandra is a lesbian, who enjoys family life living with Philipa and her 3 children. Cassandra is very easy to relate to and have empathy for, regardless of the reader's gender or sexuality. Cassandra is a very likeable character. She is warm, kind, fun and has her feet firmly on the ground.

Snow White is an easy reading novel of some 440 KB that is split up into 121 chapters. These short chapters make this eBook easy to read in a series of short goes, in the same way that you can drop into a magazine. This style of publishing works well with people's busy lifestyles, when they can only snatch a few minutes of reading at a time. Snow White is an enjoyable read and the pace of the story is okay.

However, there are some small detail errors that can niggle the reader. For example: Farmer kept one eye on his visitor as he poured them both a scotch...The Huntsman placed his can gently onto the coffee table, uncrossing his legs and resting elbows on his knees...Farmer drained his can. He stood up, leaning across. - So, does that mean that Farmer and the Huntsman were drinking scotch from cans? I doubt it very much!

Superintendent Blake poured three mugs of coffee from the percolator...The Super took a long sip from his glass. - You drink coffee from a mug but alcohol from a glass, make your mind up Saffina!

“Deputy,” Morris hastened to correct. “Deputy Assistant Commissioner. I’m afraid I’m a long way off my next promotion. Unlike Inspector Rose here.” Red looked up from her glass, focusing on Morris. “I’m sorry?” Morris beamed at Red, then at Pippa. “When you do rejoin us, Cassandra, we need to discuss your promotion.” Pippa burst into a huge smile, clutching Red’s arm. “Promotion?” Red screwed one eye shut, attempting to focus on Blake’s words. Her voice slurred, “What promotion?” Blake beamed a smile. “To Chief Inspector.” - But Morris was speaking, not Blake who was just standing there and saying nothing!

“I’m sorry. I couldn’t. I...” He flung the gun into the pool, taking deep breaths to calm his nerves...He looked from Richard to the gun on the floor and back to Richard again. - Why look on the floor when the gun was flung into the pool? That is rather sloppy, isn't it Saffina.

Oh, and what about the location of the missing jewel? I thought the police had recovered it until near the end when Ruby found it outside the holiday home.

Snow White does have some lovely humour running through it. It pokes great fun at class, lifestyles and people's upbringing. Philipa is such a snob and the way she rants is very funny. For example: “Please don’t argue, Ella. It’s not lady-like. And nor is travelling on buses. I was just explaining to Deimante how you would much rather go by taxi.”

Overall there is a lovely banter between all the characters in this novel. This book does entertain but it does not stretch the reader. There is nothing to offend anyone and there is no explicit sex. Snow White is quite like a soap opera. The sauciest it goes is: “Speaking of tools...” Red raised a mischievous eyebrow. “How about we have a repeat performance of the other night?”...“Tick-tock, girlfriend.” Red glanced at her watch. “Deimante will text me when she’s at the end of the road so we can look respectable for when Rubes arrives.” “It seems you’ve thought of everything.” “Everything. I’ve even bought new batteries."...“You sounded pretty busy when I came in.” “Sounded busy?” Red felt her face colouring. “You mean...?” Ella shrugged. “Good job Deimante and Tues’ weren’t back then. I don’t think they are allowed to do things like that in Lithuania.” - So this eBook is safe for your granny to read!

I found the motives of the criminals a little far fetched and the ending was okay. Snow White lacks the sharpness and detail of Sugar & Spice , Saffina's debut novel. Snow White does disappoint the reader simply because Sugar & Spice was so damn good. Because of this I shall only vote Snow White which was written in 2011, just 3 stars on Good Reads as it is okay, rather than good.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Body of Proof .

I thoroughly enjoyed the first episode of a new drama called Body of Proof on Channel 5 television last night. This fictional drama programme is about the work of medical examiners in the coroners office of Philadelphia. This is an American television programme but it is very suitable for the British viewer. The accents are not strong and you can understand every word. Body of Proof travels very well across the pond and will give our Silent Witness a fair run for it's money.

What I liked most about Body of Proof was the very witty dialogue between the characters within the workplace. Body of Proof is not a comedy and was not made to make viewers laugh. But the banter between the workers is very dry and you can't help but chuckle.

Aside from the workplace humour, Body of Proof is also a good crime thriller. You get to solve the crime before the end of the programme and the answers are lovely and technical. Body of Proof carries on from CSI and is in the same vein.

I vote Body of Proof a HIT as it amused, educated and entertained me. I also like the lead character - Dr Megan Hunt - and thinking about her it is so easy to mispronounce her last name.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The One Jasper Carrott 

I watched The One Jasper Carrott on BBC1 television last night. Jasper opened his set by teasing the audience that he had not been on television for a long time. He claimed this was because he does not cook, dance or skate. This was his first television programme for 13 years and having watched last night's I can see why! Thankfully comedy has moved on in those 13 years but sadly Jasper has not. His comedy by today's standards was dull, rather safe and had no personality. Jasper lacked bite and his programme was a big disappointment. Today's comedians are sharp and sum up the nation's mood very accurately. Jasper was like an old man reminiscent in a nursing home.

The only good bit on the show was at the end when he sang with the ELO drummer Bev Bevan and the legendary Rick Wakeman on a keyboard. I felt sorry for Rick Wakeman being roped in to help a clearly second rate and past it comedian. The 30 minutes would have been better spent if Rick Wakeman had played his keyboard and entertained the audience rather than try to rescue an amateur performance from a has-been.

Saturday, January 07, 2012


I wish passengers would read the terms and conditions when they purchase a Funfare, that is why the fare is reduced...

Friday, January 06, 2012

Fastest finger first! 

We can all do it, you know. Type quickly on a keyboard and make the odd keystroke error. Nobody is exempt, even our party leader!

Sadly Mr Bob Holness died peacefully in his sleep early this morning aged 83. A message posted from Ed Miliband's Twitter account read: "Sad to hear that Bob Holness has died. A generation will remember him fondly from Blackbusters." The message was hastily deleted, and re-written to correctly refer to the 1980s trivia quiz as "Blockbusters".

So, when you quickly rattle off a post on Blogger or Twitter, for goodness sake proof read your post before you click Publish.

Thursday, January 05, 2012

Girl on girl action.

Men quietly like it when girls have a little fight in public. It does not have to come to blows or have lots of hair pulling. A good old shout and finger signals can be enough. Of course in the 21st century, girls can have their scraps on-line and men can still watch and smile at the action. These scraps are quite local but one girlie fight has made the national news.

In one corner of the Twitter ring we have Bim Adewunmi and in the other corner we have Diane Abbott, the MP for Hackney North and Stoke Newington. There is a good article by Bim Adewunmi in the Guardian, about how she started the Diane Abbott Twitter storm.

Bim wrote on Twitter... "I do wish everyone would stop saying 'the black community' though." She expanded in a followup: "Clarifying my 'black community' tweet: I hate the generally lazy thinking behind the use of the term. Same for 'black community leaders'. This led to a reply from local MP Diane Abbott, in which she said: "I understand the cultural point you are making. But you are playing into a "divide and rule" agenda." This acrap went back and forth for a few tweets more and then Abbott sent out the tweet that caused the furore: "White people love playing 'divide & rule' We should not play their game #tacticasoldascolonialism."

Well, Bim has written a very good article with a lovely explanation of the issues. I think that Bim is right in her opinions and that she has won her media scrap with Diane. Well done Bim, I am proud of you and glad that you have taken Diane down a peg or two. Your arguments are convincing and I think you won the day by talking common sense. You can't group every non-white person into a black community - it is not fair and we all know how lazy the media has become by using the same talking heads every time a particular issue breaks.

It was fun to watch this scrap and it is nonsense that white people play divide and rule. Most adults move on and see beyond skin colour, even when the media is a little lazy and some MP's are hot heads.

Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Want to look at donkey dicks? 

I, like most liberal minded people, do not believe in censorship of the media. I think that the public should be able to choose, on an individual basis, what media they use. Nothing should be out of bounds and it should be all down to personal choice. I do not think it should be the remit of politicians to tell us what we can't view. If we want to look at donkey dicks, then we should be able to look at donkey dicks.

However, things are a little different now in the Netherlands as fellow blogger Grumpy Dragon explains in his witty post about the problems of proportional representation . Grumpy Dragon clearly warns what can so easily go wrong when minority parties get elected due to proportional representation. You may not want to view horse porn but if certain minority parties were elected here in the UK, then possibly "you might just find the pork gets banned along with the piggy pr0n." (SIC)

Makes you wonder, doesn't it?

Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Perspective .

Yesterday the Christmas decorations in our home were taken down and stored in the garage. At this time of year I get a lot of ribbing from friends about my dislike of Christmas decorations, lights and trees. They call me Bah Humbug and I take their ribbing on the chin. Now our home has lost it's Christmas junk, life can go back to normal and our perspective can be regained. Getting to grasp with perspective is easier for some people than others.

I could drone on about the importance of perspective in a global context but Richard Scrimger has written such a beautiful post on his blog, I can't do better than point you to his blog . Richard has been working a short while in Ethiopia and his experiences have brought life sharply into perspective for him.

...You'd think that leading your leprous grandma around to beg for change was a totally normal thing to do...The little girl in question was calm, neatly dressed, patient. She met my eye, smiled, nodded gravely, and moved on to the next taxi, pulling the old lady after her by her rotting stump...

Well, what more can I say? That really puts things into perspective when you consider how many unwanted Christmas presents have been thrown in the bin because the receiver did not value the gift.

Monday, January 02, 2012

Womble strikes again.

I am not a fan of bodging but sometimes it does the job quickly and cheaply. Yesterday I did some washing up in the kitchen sink. When I finished I pulled out the plug but it had got stuck in the drain hole. The plug was still attached to the waste pipe cover.

I forced the plug off the cover and could see that the plastic securing bolt had broken. Without this tightness the water leaked into the cabinet below. So on my way back from work I called into B&Q to buy another kitchen sink waste pipe connection thingie. Well the range of plumbing supplies was huge and I had the broken one with me to compare. There was not an identical replacement on offer so I bought the closest I could find.

I checked on the help desk to see if I was buying the right one. The guy agreed that the top looked the same and it should fit. He said not to worry as if it did not then I could get my money back. I went home and tried to fit the new kitchen sink waste drain thingie. Well, the top did fit but the bottom did not fit the other waste pipes as it's cross-section was too narrow.

What could I do? It was a shame that the old plastic securing bolt had broken. All I needed was a suitable replacement bolt. Then I had an idea and a mental picture of a plastic bolt hidden in my garage. So, Gail's womble of a husband went into his garage and found an old plastic toilet seat hinge bolt and lock nut. This was narrower than the broken bolt but it does the same job! I fitted it to the old drain and bingo, no leaks, job done!

So, Gail's womble of a husband went back to B&Q and got his £6.39 back. I might be a womble but I get the job done and cheaply too! I feel quite proud of that, all things considered.

Sunday, January 01, 2012

This girl can hold her drink!

Went out last night to friends to celebrate the new year. It was only 10 minutes walk away and it is great to be invited for beer and a buffet. Of course drink affects people in different ways, some people show it and some don't. Some people can drink a lot and it does not affect them. Some people can be rather drunk but it does not show. The phrase commonly used is that the person can "hold their drink".

Well the girl in this video can certainly hold her drink, as she shows so clearly.


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