Thursday, January 26, 2012

Disneyland moves into the 19th century .

Oh, some cultures are backward and are stranded in the middle ages. Disneyland appears to be making a move not into the current 21st century but proudly, for Disneyland, into the 19th century. Many companies throughout the world have ridiculous dress codes that employees must follow.

From 3 February, employees in Disneyland Florida and California will be allowed to report for duty with beards or goatees – providing they are less than a quarter of an inch long.

However, soul patches – the small smears of fur trapped between bottom lip and chin – remain outlawed, as do visible tattoos, "extreme" hairstyles and colours, and piercing lodged in any part of the body except female ears.

A 2010 review of the attire of female workers resulted in an end to the obligatory wearing of tights with skirts and the nod being given to sleeveless tops (as long as their straps were at least three inches wide).

So, Disneyland will now welcome beards but do not worry, Stephen will not be dressing up as Mickey Mouse because I have some visible tattoos. Clearly Disneyland has a long way to come but they have made this small step towards common sense. Maybe in another 200 years time Disneyland may allow it's employees to sport visible tattoos and body piercings. Hope is out there and sometimes even stupid, ignorant and backward cultures can move forward and join the rest of the world. 
Well said stephen
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