Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Too little sun causes harm was a headline in my newspaper today.

The debate about whether the sun is good or bad for you has raged on for years. The health proffessionals cannot agree amongst themselves. Shops sell loads of lotions and schools nanny their children.

I think that sun damage has been overstated in the past. Sunburn should be avoided, dazzle of the eyes should be avoided, heatstroke and dehydration should be avoided. I do not think that people should become moles or vampires. Plants grow with the help of sunlight - nature is a wonderful thing. People who avoid the sun too much can become deficient in vitamin D. Sun avoiders also become grumpy. I feel that we should all enjoy the sun and simply ensure that we do not overdo it and get burnt. Life is too short to worry - cancer can happen no matter how much you fuss.

I cannot see the point in the people who hire sunbeds though. That rates the same with me as buying bottled water! Gym memberships - forget it and simply walk rather than drive or bus somewhere. Another thing that makes me ponder and has gone on all my married life, what is it with women and plastic bags? My wife buys loads of different types and sizes from the supermarket. She gets quite excited by new plastic bags. I challenge her and ask to know why she wants to buy EMPTY bags. Coals to Newcastle anyone?

Sunday, March 20, 2005

Mobile phones pose no risk to planes or petrol pumps.

When I read this today in my newspaper, I was not surprised. I always thought it was a myth. How could a radio transmitter interfere with planes or petrol pumps. Some people in certain work situations do not like the disturbance that mobile phone users yacking away cause. It is not a safety issue - the phone users are just an irratating noisey anti-social nuisance. What better way to deter them than to claim that they could cause a disaster? Still the myth has been debunked and now maybe society can consider where to ban mobile phones if they are a nuisance. A lot of people do not seem to have a life of their own but are controlled by their mobile phones. These people are sad - what did they do before mobile phones became so affordable? Get a life of your own and do not become an extension of a phone.

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