Sunday, March 20, 2005

Mobile phones pose no risk to planes or petrol pumps.

When I read this today in my newspaper, I was not surprised. I always thought it was a myth. How could a radio transmitter interfere with planes or petrol pumps. Some people in certain work situations do not like the disturbance that mobile phone users yacking away cause. It is not a safety issue - the phone users are just an irratating noisey anti-social nuisance. What better way to deter them than to claim that they could cause a disaster? Still the myth has been debunked and now maybe society can consider where to ban mobile phones if they are a nuisance. A lot of people do not seem to have a life of their own but are controlled by their mobile phones. These people are sad - what did they do before mobile phones became so affordable? Get a life of your own and do not become an extension of a phone.
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