Thursday, December 09, 2004

Have some people no sense of humour whatsoever?

Front page of my newspaper today has this amusing story...

A senior police officer in Manchester was under investigation last night after allegations that he called for machine guns to be set up to stop Muslims entering the city for their most important religious festival of the year.

Superintendent David Keller, a sub-divisional commander based at Longsight police station, south Manchester, is alleged to have made the remarks at an internal meeting on November 24.

Sources told the Guardian the remarks were made during a discussion about arrests at a recent Eid celebration in Manchester.

The investigation will examine whether Mr Keller said the best way to deal with people wanting to enter Manchester for Eid celebrations was that machine guns should be put on the motorway to "shoot them before they get a chance to come into our city centre".

This was an internal meeting and I believe this light hearted remark was taken out of context. Some people have no sense of humour at all. This was not a serious suggestion but an ice breaker to help discuss a difficult situation. It was not racist, just ironic when you live in a democracy that allows such freedoms.

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