Monday, July 26, 2004

Annual leave.

I was surprised at news paper reports today that the TUC has reached agreement with the Labour Party over some of it's next election manifesto. The biggest concession was with regards to paid annual holiday leave. I was fully aware that all full time workers are entitled by law to 20 working days paid leave. I assumed that was in addition to bank/public holidays. Under current law, these 20 working days can include bank holidays as part of the entitlement . I did not think that some employers were so tight fisted and mean by not going along with the spirit of the law. We should not still have a slave driver attitude in 2004. If the Labour Party gets re-elected under this manifesto then thousands of employees will get up to another 8 days of annual paid leave. That will serve the penny pinching cowboy employers right. I do not feel that anyone should accept a contract of employment that considers bank/public holidays to be part of your annual leave. Why this was not outlawed when this legislation was first enacted I do not know. I suspect it was the bad employers who found and then exploited a loophole in the legislation. There time has come!

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