Thursday, November 27, 2008

Five years for causing death by dangerous driving
After a very long wait the case concerning Philip Rooney, the driver whose double-decker National Express coach flipped onto its side and skidded along the M4 slip road off the M25 near Heathrow Airport on January 3 last year, has come to a close. The story in the Telegraph reads...

Coach driver 'giving safety talk when he crashed'
A coach driver responsible for a crash which killed three passengers and injured dozens of others was giving a safety talk as he took a corner too fast and lost control, a court heard. Philip Rooney, 49, was speaking over the vehicle's tannoy system while trying to negotiate a 40mph bend at 55mph. Terrified passengers recalled hearing screams and the microphone crackling before the voice stopped.

The double-decker National Express coach flipped onto its side and skidded along the M4 slip road off the M25 near Heathrow Airport on January 3 last year. The damage to the vehicle was so great that many of the 69 passengers on board had to be cut out of the wreckage.

Christina Toner, 76, from Dundee, and 30-year-old Yi Di Lin, a Chinese national, died in the crash, while John Carruthers, 78, of Chertsey, Surrey, died six months later in hospital. A further 65 people were injured, including four who needed amputations and 19 who suffered fractures.

Oxford Crown Court heard how Rooney, from Carluke in Scotland, was driving as though he was "possessed". The father-of-three, who pleaded guilty to three counts of causing death by dangerous driving, was jailed for five years and disqualified from driving for three years.

The court heard that Rooney set off from Victoria bus station in central London, bound for Aberdeen, in the almost new 82-seater vehicle just after 10.30pm. Richard Latham QC, prosecuting, said he consistently broke speed limits as he made his way to the next pick-up point at Heathrow Airport. Luggage fell from the shelf as Rooney took corners too fast and the vehicle clipped a kerb coming into the airport, the court heard. There was a delay of half an hour as Rooney sorted out a problem with the luggage before leaving Heathrow. Mr Latham said: "A number of passengers noted the vehicle was being driven significantly faster, as if the driver was seeking to make up for lost time." One passenger account said: "After Heathrow the driver drove like he was possessed. He kept overtaking everything and going like the clappers."

As the coach made its way towards a bend in the slip road for the M25, it was travelling at 55mph - 15mph above the speed limit - the court heard. The vehicle clipped a barrier and as Rooney tried to steer the right path he lost control, skidding sideways before striking a crash barrier and flipping over. The court was told that a number of passengers recalled that, in the seconds before the crash, the driver had been giving a safety announcement over the public address system.

Rooney, who had been driving coaches for 15 years, had previously been caught speeding in passenger vehicles on five occasions and been disciplined by his employer for tampering with a speed limiter on his vehicle so he could drive faster.

After sentencing, Mrs Toner's daughter Gail Light said she was astonished to hear about Rooney's driving record. She said: "I have been feeling guilty for feeling sorry for the man but the evidence I heard changed my mind on that because of the previous convictions he had for speeding."

...Okay, so that was the outcome of the court case, now what can natural yogurt say about it?

I think that justice has been done and the custodial sentence of 5 years is the right one in this case. On 2nd November 2007 Scott Easton a van driver was jailed for seven years after killing a Tyneside family of four in a crash in North Yorkshire. He had pleaded guilty just like Philip. What was in my opinion incredibly lenient was the case of Anne Foster-Chia , who was jailed for two years after killing an 80-year-old pedestrian while trying to answer her mobile phone. Foster-Chia, who was on her way to collect her disabled son, was seen moments earlier cradling the phone in her neck. She was convicted of causing death by dangerous driving and banned from driving for two years. Judge Robert Moore said he would have been more lenient had she accepted her guilt. He said: "You told the police, jury and presumably yourself, and repeated to me that you knocked the phone to the floor. The jury disbelieved you and so do I. " There is no doubt the phone rang. It was your joiner, although you thought it was the school."

The accident happened in Sheffield in December 2005. Michael Slater, prosecuting, told Sheffield Crown Court: "The defendant failed to stop and give way because she was paying more attention to her telephone rather than keeping a proper look-out for the traffic conditions unfolding in front of her."

What was Philip doing driving along at 55mph whilst talking on the microphone? This is the actions of a cowboy. We all know that men cannot multitask and the only time to use the microphone on a coach is when the Park Brake is applied. Also this accident happened a long way from Heathrow airport so it is safe to assume that his safety announcement was one of those weary, long winded speeches that I find a total embarrassment. There are some drivers on the National Express network who drone on and on with the microphone in their so-called safety announcement whilst driving along. As this case proves, this microphone use can become dangerous. All safety announcements should be made whilst stationary, they should be short. Tell the passengers where the coach is going, that seat belts must be worn, the location of emergency exits and the toilet. Anything more is driver vanity. The same applies to coach stops, when parked simply announce the current location.

We all know that most driver announcements are ignored by the passengers. It is not just on coaches but on planes too . If the passengers are not talking amongst themselves, they are listening to personal stereos or droning into mobile phones for minutes on end. However, all National Express coaches display the seat belt pictograms on the windows to inform passengers that they must wear a seat belt.

Luggage is a problem on double decker coaches and National Express have been aware of this for a long time. This is not a problem for the driver because he can bounce the problem to Service Support who will resolve the issue. The terms and conditions clearly states that each passenger can bring 2 medium size suitcases. So the coach departs Heathrow 30 minutes late, it is no big deal. At £7 an hour that means that Philip was looking at another £3.50 in his wage packet. The driver is on the sharp end of the coach and to put your own safety at risk by cornering fast is foolish.

The CCTV images from inside the coach were not made public but I cannot see how anyone could have been killed if they were wearing their seat belt. As I wrote in this blog on 6th January 2007 ...

I do not believe that the deaths and injuries sustained would have happened had all the passengers been wearing their seatbelts. The photographs in the press of the coach show relatively little damage to the outside body of the coach. A broken mirror and windows should not lead to the death of 2 passengers and amputation of limbs.

...So there you have it. I believe that Philip Rooney has caused death by dangerous driving. It was his own fault, he was right to plead guilty and his sentence of 5 years was right. Sadly if all the passengers had warn their seat belts then those deaths and injuries would have been avoided. Looking back at the case of Scott Easton who got 7 years after pleading guilty to killing 4 people, Philip who also pleaded guilty, was given a discount of 2 years because of the seat belt issue. This seems fair in the circumstances and I believe that justice has finally been done.

Remember, you have only one chance to get it right. You can never get the time back and we are all paid by the hour to do the best of a bad job. Always make a safety announcement but only when stationary.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Oh Jacko, peace be upon him! .

Now we know for sure that Michael Jackson really is a nutter and has finally lost the plot. Michael Jackson has reportedly become a Muslim and changed his name to Mikaeel. The singer, who was raised as a Jehovah's Witness, converted to Islam in a ceremony at a friend's house in Los Angeles. He is said to have sat on the floor and worn a small hat while an imam officiated. A source said Jackson had appeared a "bit down" and added: "An imam was summoned from the mosque and Michael went through the shahada, which is the Muslim declaration of belief."

I think Michael Jackson could be sectioned under the Mental Health Act. How he has got to the age of 50 and then believe in such rubbish is beyond me. So much for equality also, most established religions would counsel their new converts in one of their churches. Not this Muslim imam who goes out to recruit this has-been celebrity!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

The Woods by Harlan Coben .

This thriller was published in 2007 and is the story of 4 teenagers who go missing 20 years ago in the woods. Now a body is found and the dark secrets of the past unfold.

I vote this book a HIT, it is well written and has a very good plot. Each chapter ends with a new and significant development in the story. There are many twists and turns throughout this novel but everything fits together in the end. The progress of this novel is well paced with a steady stream of developments that seem to appear with almost clockwork precision.

This novel is a thriller, it is plot driven and there is not much humour in the book. The funniest piece I can quote is from page 165...

My office is in the center of Newark. I keep hearing that there is a revitalization going on it this city. I don't see it. The city has been decaying for as long as I can remember. But I have gotten to know this city well. The history is still there, beneath the surface. The people are wonderful. We as a society are big on stereotyping cities the way we do ethnic groups or minorities. It is easy to hate them from a distance. I remember Jane's conservative parents and their disdain for all things gay. Her college roommate, Helen, unbeknownst to them, was gay. When they met her, both her mother and family simply loved Helen. When they learned Helen was a lesbian, they still loved her. Then they loved her partner.

That was how it often was. It was easy to hate gays or blacks or Jews or Arabs. It was more difficult to hate individuals.

...This book is an enjoyable read and explores the nature of secrets and why sometimes the past should be left behind. It makes you wonder what dark secrets all families can hold and you can understand why.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Poking fun at the Coffee House.

Okay, so America has voted for a new President who will take over next year. Everyone is joking about Barack Obama coming to the White House. Maybe the White House should be renamed the Coffee House to reflect the change of skin colour on the President. Now Al-Qaeda's second-in-command, Ayman al-Zawahiri has used a racial slur to demean President-elect Barack Obama implying he does the bidding of whites. Zawahiri said in an audio message, which appeared on militant web sites, that Mr Obama is "the direct opposite of honorable black Americans" like Malcolm X. He called Mr Obama a "house negro".

Monday, November 17, 2008

45% think that children are feral.

A third of people say our streets are "infested" by young yobs and four in ten refer to children as "feral". The survey was conducted by children's charity Barnardo's, which says it was shocked by the findings. The charity will today launch a new campaign urging the public to be more tolerant, including a hard-hitting internet advert that features three men "hunting" children with shotguns. The YouGov poll for Barnardo's showed some 54 per cent of adult think children are beginning to behave like animals. Just under half (49 per cent) said children are increasingly a danger to each other and adults, and four in ten (43 per cent) said something needed to be done to protect the public from youngsters. A third (35 per cent) of people said it now feels like the streets are infested with children and 45 per cent agree that people refer to children as feral because they behave that way. Half (49 per cent) also dismissed suggestions children who get into trouble are often misunderstood and in need of professional help. The new advert is based entirely on language gleaned from online comment pages and shows three men refering to some unknown pest as feral and vermin before grabbing shotguns and taking to the streets, where it becomes apparent they are referring to gangs of children...

...Okay, here we go now! This figure of 45% of people think that children are feral does not surprise me. We have all seen these children roaming around like packs of wild dogs. I think this survey paints a true picture of life on Britain's streets. There are feral children roaming and loitering around our streets. They have no respect for society and will do anything unless challenged. Adults are frightened to confront them because of the constant threat of violence from them and a justice system that supports the nanny do-gooders who believe all children are special, with special needs. I believe this survey should be used as a wake up call to our politicians and Police forces. Something needs to be done before these children move our society into a lawless gangland culture. Who have we got to thank for this situation? The parents, plain and simple. The parents of these feral children have no control whatsoever over their offspring. Because these parents have failed in their duty of care with their dreadful children we all have to suffer as they roam around our streets like wild animals. All children reflect their parents, there is no way of getting away from this. Once on this slippery slope things can and do get worse. We have all seen these families, particularly the ones living on sink estates, commonly called Chav's.

So now you can turn to the Barnardo's website and having read more about their campaign watch a video that they suggest children under 13 years old should not view without parental consent.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Front fog lights.

There is a dangerous nuisance here in the UK of some car drivers running around with their front fog lights ablaze. There is no serious reduced visibility problem yet the car driver just wants to draw attention to himself. He thinks that he is special, his car is ace and that he is a cool guy. These front fog lights are not used because of fog but because the driver is a plonker.

The human eye reacts slowly to changes in light: a driver who is dazzled by the front fog lights of an oncoming car will be unable to see a cyclist 200 yards down the road even if the bicycle is displaying lights. The stiffest penalty enforced for illegal use of fog lights is £30: this is not an adequate deterrent. The government should introduce an automatic 3 point penalty for any driver caught using fog lights during clear visibility and increase the fixed penalty fine to £60.

If you also feel strongly about this issue then you can add your name to the petition running at number 10 like the 95 people before me have done. It also annoys me the number of car drivers, particularly those of the more expensive marques and models, who keep their foot on the brake whilst stationary. These lazy inconsiderate drivers should use their handbrake. It is illegal to dazzle other road users with your brake lights and just shows everyone what a lazy, arrogant and amateur driver you are!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Never Miss a Beat by the Kaiser Chiefs .

Driving along to work a jolly song comes on the radio. It is a very catchy song with a lovely arrangement and has a funny chorus that goes...

It's cool, to know nothing
It's cool, to know nothing

... this song is really funny. I like the humour and it appears to be about dumbing down. One of the verses has the wonderful line "What do you want for tea,
I want crisps" which gets me into a giggle. You think this song is sung by a band of people that are really thick but the production and instrument playing are spot on. Whenever I hear this song it really makes me smile, I can imagine the boys in our garage workshop singing along to it. Although I think they would add a verse like...

What's that light for?
It's only a sensor.

...Still this is a great song and now I start to sing along with it ...

What did you learn today,
I learned nothing
What did you do today,
I did nothing
What did you learn at school,
I didn't go-o
Why didn't you go to school,
I don't know

It's cool, to know nothing
It's cool, to know nothing

Television's on the blink,
There's nothing on it
I really wanna really big coat,
With words on it
What do you want for tea,
I want crisps
Why don't you join the team,
I just didn't

It's cool, to know nothing
It's cool, to know nothing

Take a look, take a look,
take a look at the kids on the street
No they never miss a beat,
no they never miss a beat,
never miss a beat
Never miss a beat beat, beat beat

Take a look at the kids on the street,
No they never miss a beat,
no they never miss a beat,
never miss a beat,
Never miss a, never miss a beat,
never miss a beat

Here comes the referee,
The light's flashin'
Best bit of the day,
Now that's living
Why don't you run away,
Are you kidding
What is the golden rule,
You say nothing

It's cool, to know nothing
It's cool, to know nothing

Take a look, take a look,
take a look at the kids on the street
No they never miss a beat,
no they never miss a beat,
never miss a beat
Never miss a beat beat, beat beat

Take a look at the kids on the street,
No they never miss a beat,
no they never miss a beat,
never miss a beat,
Never miss a, never miss a beat,
never miss a beat

Friday, November 14, 2008

The shirt on your back.

My employer provides a uniform to wear under contract to a nationwide company. Over time the collars of these shirts will wear through and need to be replaced. I asked Philip my line manager a long time ago for some new uniform shirts and he told me that things were a little difficult because the nationwide company will be changing it's uniform. Time went on and no new shirts came so I resorted to the old style striped uniform shirts that still had wear in them. These striped shirts were replaced by plain shirts when the nationwide company rebranded it's livery and uniform. A shirt is a shirt to me and all the Allen and Douglas workwear is good gear.

I thought nothing of this as uniform issue is simply uniform issue. The other day in Glasgow a passenger asked me if I knew I was wearing a Bengal Stripe Shirt ? This was news to me so I looked it up on the internet. A few staff members have noticed I am wearing the old uniform shirt but they are in the same boat as me and are awaiting the new uniform when it appears. On Wednesday Philip noticed I was wearing the old shirt and asked me why, so I reminded him of our conversation a long time ago. He told me that the new uniform would not appear until next April but he would see if he could get me some new shirts in the existing uniform style. I do not expect any shirts to come but it is rather funny to see drivers all over the network wearing different shirts! Maybe drivers who have been here a fair time could start wearing the old red pullovers just because we can? We are always warned to keep old uniform from getting into the wrong hands so most drivers have a stock of old uniform issue in the back of their wardrobes. I have, some of it unworn and it is all good gear! The trousers however have remained the same over the years and I cannot spot the difference between one blue pair and another. It is quite nice to be able to change the style of shirt I wear at work having got a little bored with the plain blue shirts!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

The Undomestic Goddess by Sophie Kinsella .

This book was first published in 2005 and this story is written in the first person. Samantha Sweeting is a successful lawyer with a top London law firm when something happens and she runs away and bluffs her way into a job as a housekeeper. She has no idea about cooking or housework but she tries and learns. This is a jolly and fun book written in the style of Absolutely Fabulous . It is an easy read with lots of humour. This tale explores lifestyle values, the work/life balance and the search for personal happiness in a society with so many different lifestyles. It pokes fun at social attitudes, mobile telephones, class and snobbery, work ethics and career paths. If this was on television it would be shown as a romantic comedy that you can enjoy whilst drinking beer and eating biscuits. I vote this book a HIT.

There is nothing to offend anyone in this book. The sex is so tame, primary school children could read it! It has a happy ending and although you can describe this as a girlie book, it should also appeal to men. Samantha learns the true values of time and money, which is great for her although I learned those things some 30 years ago!

Saturday, November 08, 2008

To coin a phrase .

What a wonderful living language English is and how it changes over time. New words and phrases get adopted while others become a nuisance. 'Damp Squid: The English Language Laid Bare' is named after the mistake of confusing a squid with a squib, a type of firework. Researchers compiled the list using Oxford University Corpus database, which alerts them to new words and phrases by monitoring books, papers, magazines, television and the internet. The database can tell which words are being misused as well as identifying expressions which are disappearing.

Oxford University's top [sic] ten most irritating phrases:

1 - At the end of the day

2 - Fairly unique

3 - I personally

4 - At this moment in time

5 - With all due respect

6 - Absolutely

7 - It's a nightmare

8 - Shouldn't of

9 - 24/7

10 - It's not rocket science

I agree with this list, these words and phrases have past their time. They are long-winded, bad grammar and unnecessary. Their use is lazy and I will be glad to see the back of them!

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

simple genius by David Baldacci .

This thriller was published in 2007 and it is the second book by David Baldacci that I have read. This book is the next novel David wrote after the collectors , which I thoroughly enjoyed.

A physicist's body is found on CIA property. Was it murder or suicide? Private Investigators Sean King and Michelle Maxwell are hired to find out. This story is not just about the death of Monk Turing but also the lives of the central characters Sean and Michelle. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book which was well written from lots of research. It is an easy read because of all the explanations that David gives. It is a great read right from the start as his style is like an old friend telling you a story sat in a pub. Anyone who enjoys watching Spooks should enjoy this book. This is an exciting novel and it is a joy to read.

There is a nice touch at the end, where on page 561 David writes...




...and you turn the page and David explains how he wrote the book and it's background. I vote this book a HIT.

I closed the book and wondered just what dark secrets ALL governments hold? Remember the death of David Kelly , the former United Nations weapons inspector in Iraq, was it murder or suicide?

Monday, November 03, 2008

Thirteen gagged by Virgin Atlantic.

From the BBC...Page last updated at 19:11 GMT, Friday, 31 October 2008...

Crew sacked over Facebook posts

Thirteen cabin crew staff have been sacked by Virgin Atlantic over their use of a social networking website, it has emerged.

It launched disciplinary action last week following claims staff had used Facebook to criticise its safety standards and call passengers "chavs".

The airline said the crew's behaviour "brought the company into disrepute".

It is understood the messages, which have now been removed, related to planes flying from Gatwick.

Virgin Atlantic started an investigation last Thursday after messages reportedly appeared on Facebook that called its passengers "chavs".

They also reportedly claimed the planes were full of cockroaches and alleged the airline's jet engines were replaced four times in one year.

In a statement, the airline said: "Virgin Atlantic can confirm that 13 members of its cabin crew will be leaving the company after breaking staff policies due to totally inappropriate behaviour.

"Following a thorough investigation, it was found that all 13 staff participated in a discussion on the networking site Facebook, which brought the company into disrepute and insulted some of our passengers.

"It is impossible for these cabin crew members to uphold [our] high standards of customer service... if they hold these views."

A spokesman for the airline added that there was "a time and a place for Facebook".

"There is no justification for it to be used as a sounding board for staff of any company to criticise the very passengers who ultimately pay their salaries.

"We have numerous internal channels for our staff to feed back legitimate and appropriate issues relating to the company."

...Well, well, the right to free speech in this country is slowly but surely being eroded away. I feel that Virgin Atlantic is wrong to sack 13 of it's staff for activities that took place out of work hours and the workplace. More and more workplace bloggers have been gagged, what is our society coming to? Companies buy not only your time but your thoughts. What freedoms have we got left?

I believe these 13 crew members were conscientious and loyal because they cared sufficiently about their work and responsibilities to write about them. It is okay for Virgin Atlantic to claim ""We have numerous internal channels for our staff to feed back legitimate and appropriate issues relating to the company." but anyone working within the travel industry knows that defect reports and other feedback from staff is ignored. Management do not want feedback from their employees, they just want them to shut up. This is lip service from management who do not want whistleblowers making their concerns public by posting them on the internet.

If Virgin Atlantic had given a quiet word without disciplinary action to these 13 cabin crew members then the whole issue of cockroaches, jet engine replacement and chavs would not have become public knowledge. The spotlight that has shone on Virgin Atlantic does it's reputation no good and now the public knows that it is company policy to keep the public in the dark and their staff sworn to secrecy.

So then Richard Branson, pasted below are newspaper reports to show the public just how you manage your company and it's employees. I totally agree with Simon Calder in his report in today's Independent.

Simon Calder writes on 3rd November 2008 ...

We are rotten travellers, so BA staff are right to complain.

You will know, or can imagine, how lousy you feel at the end of a long-haul overnight flight. After a dozen hours or more at altitude from Asia, Africa or America, everyone and everything on board a plane is in poor shape. And if you think the experience is unwholesome from the passenger's perspective, imagine how it feels, as a member of cabin crew, to have your working environment trashed by thoughtless, untidy people whose civility evaporates with every fitful hour in flight.

The big surprise is not that Virgin Atlantic cabin crew and British Airways ground staff should wish to bitch about unwholesome passengers; this is something they have done, in private, for years. What is remarkable is that the airlines' managers should castigate their employees for venting via Facebook some of the many frustrations of working in the industry.

Virgin Atlantic has dismissed 13 cabin crew who branded passengers as "chavs" on the social networking site. In my experience, Virgin's staff are always friendly and forgiving while on duty. If they choose to disparage some of us when out of uniform, who can blame them? Some of BA's ground staff at Gatwick have created their own forum for getting their own back at the passengers who clench passports and tickets in their teeth and hand the saliva-sodden documents to check-in agents.

"We will be talking to the individuals concerned involved about their disappointing and unwise comments, which are completely unrepresentative of the vast majority of hard-working staff at London Gatwick," said a spokesman for BA.

Why bother? The term "long-suffering" could have been invented to describe the people who work in aviation. As a nation, we are the world's greatest passengers, numerically speaking, and some of the worst in personal behaviour. I have been employed at Gatwick in several capacities. While frisking passengers you become intimately aware of differing standards of personal hygiene; and when you see, from a cleaner's perspective, the condition the average aircraft cabin is left in after a long flight, you need some means of assuaging your sense of revulsion. Facebook could provide the answer.

With fares, passengers have never had it so good. Conversely, in terms of working conditions, aviation staff face increasing demands from management and passengers. Give them a break.

And Lawrence Conway writes in Saturday's Independent ...

Virgin Atlantic sacks 13 staff for calling its flyers 'chavs'

Facebook blog insulted passengers and claimed aircraft had cockroaches

Virgin Atlantic has sacked 13 flight attendants for criticising the airline's flight safety standards and describing its passengers as "chavs" on a social networking website.

The staff were dismissed yesterday as Sir Richard Branson's company said their behaviour was "totally inappropriate" and had "brought the company into disrepute". In a statement, the airline said: "Virgin Atlantic can confirm that 13 members of its cabin crew will be leaving the company after breaking staff policies due to totally inappropriate behaviour.

"Following a thorough investigation, it was found that all 13 staff participated in a discussion on the networking site Facebook, which brought the company into disrepute and insulted some of our passengers."

Virgin Atlantic launched its investigation last Thursday after the messages were posted by members of the Facebook group, which has now been removed, about flights from Gatwick. The online messages also reportedly claimed the airline's jet engines were replaced four times in one year and that planes were full of cockroaches.

The five Virgin Atlantic Boeing 747s based at Gatwick are among the newest 747s flying worldwide.

A spokesman for the airline said: "There is a time and a place for Facebook. But there is no justification for it to be used as a sounding board for staff of any company to criticise the very passengers who pay their salaries."

He added: "We have numerous internal channels for our staff to feed back legitimate and appropriate issues relating to the company."

The cabin crew are not the first people to lose their jobs over indiscreet online postings about their employers. In June James Brennan was fired from his job at Waitrose in central London after writing an obscene remark about the "Partnership" – referring to the John Lewis Partnership, which owns the chain, on the site. He thought his views were only visible to his online friends, but a colleague printed off the remark and showed it to his boss, who fired him on the spot.

In August last year an Argos employee was also sacked for criticising his bosses online. Tom Beech, 20, was fed-up after a bad day at work so he logged on to the social networking site and set up "I Work At Argos And Can't Wait To Leave Because It's Shit".

Ex-workers have also used the site to launch attacks on former employers, as seen in the case of the directory enquiry service 118 118. They launched a Facebook group to moan about former bosses which rapidly turned into a repository for scornful comments about customers.

In August last year the group, which called itself "Survivors of 118 118", was removed, as senior management at the parent company The Number UK conducted an investigation into it.

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