Saturday, August 18, 2007

Always listen to announcements.

Always listen to announcements no matter how familiar you are in various situations. Listen when people remind you about emergency exits, you never know who else is around and you may need that emergency exit. Some people were very pleased to know where all the emergency exits were on their plane...

Two men who hijacked a Turkish passenger jet gave themselves up and all 142 people on board escaped unharmed after a four-hour hostage drama. Most of the passengers managed to escape from the rear exit of the plane while the hijackers were releasing the women and children from the front exit, passengers who left the aircraft said.

...OK, so these were not the brightest of hijackers but this story does illustrate the importance of listening to all announcements even if you think they are inane.

Many people get off their coaches at the wrong stops here in the UK, clearly ignoring the driver's announcement of the stop definition. They assume that their stop is the only stop on that route and have ignored both common sense and previous announcements.
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