Friday, April 30, 2004

Toni-Ann, victim of a system that has failed for 30 years .

The above is the front page of my newspaper today. It gives details and photographs of another 12 victims over the past 30 years. I think it is a poor choice of a front page - lacking in perspective and fresh news.

I do not want a nanny state and there is a lot of criticism in the media at the moment of social workers and their alleged failings. The failings are of the parents and it is wrong to try to blame society and it's social workers. People live their own lives and make their own mistakes. Some parents are better parents than others but we do not need a super nanny state to rule the country. We should put this into perspective - 13 victims over 30 years. How many child road death fatalities over that period? Should motorists be accompanied by a social worker in case a child is killed by accident? All this blame being put on social workers is wrong. Yes, a few cases have slipped through the net but only a very small fraction indeed. The problem is bad parents not a bad welfare system. When you consider the huge number of parents bringing up vulnerable children the number that fail is tiny. There is more to worry about in the world today than a few bad parents who do not live up to our expectations. If these parents have acted criminally and neglected their duty of care then it is a Police and criminal matter rather than blame the social workers who are only trying to do their level best.

Tuesday, April 27, 2004

Diplomats revolt.

I agree with the revolt of the 52 diplomats who have signed an open letter to Tony Blair about his stance with George Bush on Iraq and the Middle East. It made the front page of my daily newspaper and I endorse the diplomats actions and opinions. These are internationaly respected members of foreign affairs who know what they are talking about. This letter only took two days to be drafted, signed and sent by all 52 diplomats. That indicates just how united their view is - and shows how complacent the general British public are.

The invasion of Iraq was illegal and the road-map for peace in the Middle East would work with UN support. Siding with Bush has done us no favours in the eyes of the Muslim and Arab worlds. It is wrong for peace and international justice. I hope that Tony Blair takes notice of this letter from respected people in the know who do not have a political agenda to uphold. Let common sense prevail.

Iraq was no threat to the UK and did not posess Weapons of Mass Destruction. There was no UN resolution to invade Iraq and I do not believe it was in our interests to do so.

The Middle East situation has rumbled on for donkeys' years but the previous UN resolutions were workable and provided justice for all parties. Israel wanted more and has got bully boy America to agree to illegal occupation in Palestine and to endorse it's assassinations of troublesome groups.

Why should the UK be linked to these policies when our electorate has not voted for these illegal actions?

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