Thursday, August 25, 2005

I had a letter from the council today...

Proposal: Retention of feathered edge fence.
Location: 7 Whinberry Way, St Fagans, Cardiff
Applicant: Mr C Black

I refer to your letter making representations in respect of the above.

The application was determined on 23/08/2005 when it was resolved that:

That planning permission be REFUSED for the following reason(s):

The fence is an obtrusive feature in the street scene, by reason of it's height, materials, prominent corner siting and the enclosure of the exsisting landscaped area, which forms an important part of the character of this estate. It is therefore contrary to Policy 11 (Design and Aesthetic Quality) of the Cardiff Local Plan as well as Policy 2.20 (Good Design) of the deposit Cardiff Unitary Development Plan.

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