Saturday, March 20, 2004

Serves them right!

What a shame that Coca-Cola has withdrawn it's Dasani bottled tap water. Illegal levels of bromate were found due to it's production process. The £7 million publicity campaign has gone down the drain. I have no sympathy for them with the mistakes made whilst trying to make a fast buck out of the gullible public. This rip-off product will not be missed. Our tap water is the best in the world and the original source of this water, from Thames Water had passed 99.9 per cent of quality checks. For pure water just turn on your tap and recycle a plastic bottle.

Tuesday, March 16, 2004

What is in a picture?

Much has been written in the press about the exhibition by Betsy Schneider at the Spitz Gallery in London. It shows a collection of prints of her daughter Madeleine. Some people have taken offence at the exhibition because these photographs show her daughter naked.

Well, they are only loving photographs taken by a loving mother of her growing daughter. It is a long running project by a good artist as anyone can see by the quality of her work on display on her website. This is not pornographic or offensive. The critics must have some great hangups themselves about nudity and child sexuality. These critics should get their own minds sorted out first before they cast doubts on the motives of the rest of the public. This debate has been blown out of all proportion. It is art not evidence of child abuse or objects of lust. People who have a true prospective on life accept this exhibition in the way Betsy intended. Well done Betsy, the British can be so funny duddy at times!

Thursday, March 11, 2004

The paradox of choice.

I agree with Barry Schwartz about the paradox of choice. A lot of people waste an awful lot of time by looking at an extended range of choices. They loook at far too much of the same. Not identical but similar choices. Whichever one they choose there is always the nagging doubt that they have overlooked "the best". Barry sums up this dilemma really well and I think that he is right. So, how big should your sample size be? He does not give a figure but I think that the sample size should be appropiate to the task. Whether this is 3, 6 or more I do not know but it would not run into double figures. I think that a shortlist of a maximum of 8 is right, otherwise the range of choices would return to endless and meaningless. People can be racked by choice and they should take the plunge and set their limits and no worry that there may be a better one around the corner. There will always be worse around the corner and as long as you have made a good choice then that is more than good enough. Don't let the paradox of choice make a waste of your life - there are enough good choices to go around!

Thursday, March 04, 2004

Ill fitting clothes.

Reading about the new Levi 501 jeans the aptly named "anti-fit", I agree they are just that. Clare Dwyer Hogg is right that they do not suit women as they simply do not fit well and do not enhance the body of the owner. However, I will go further than that - a lot of new clothes for men simply do not fit. Some guys dress in clothes that do not fit because they are designed too big, do not fit their body shape and are at least one size bigger than the owner measures. These guys look scruffy - cloth hanging off them like a scarecrow. For a company the size of Levi's to market them as "anti-fit" is an own goal. Does my bum look big in this? No, just unshapely, cheap and unkempt.

The trend for younger men to wear oversize clothes does nothing for them. They may think they look cool - but everyone else can grab a spare handful of cloth off them without the wearer knowing. They look like a big bag of wind and with the campaign against rising obesity in the UK do they really want to look as large as they can? Grow up boys and dress your size.

Tuesday, March 02, 2004

Bottled water.

Today I have read about Dasani a bottled water from Coca-Cola costing 95p for half a litre.

Well, if the public buys into this image, then it shows just how gullible some people really are. Our water is drinking water, simply that. There is no need for any extra filtering - especially at £1.90 a litre. With a mark up of over 3,000 per cent this is selling to the stupid. I hope this product flops and people realise just how good the UK drinking water is and simply fill plastic bottles with water from their kitchen sink. That is what I do everyday before I leave home for work. Coca-Cola sell that disgusting sugary cola drink that leads to obesity, now they want to repackage already clean flourinated drinking water.

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