Monday, February 21, 2005

Touchy feely.

Front page of my newspaper today carries the story of the resignation of Ruud Lubbers, the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees.

There was a scandal over alleged sexual harrassment by him of a fellow female employee and four other anonymous women. Rudd Lubbers, 65 said "I ushered the woman out of the room with my hand on her back and that is all, you might call it familiar, but certainly not sexual harassment."

The investigation did not substantiate the allegations but the atmosphere in the office was bad.

I think that it was simply a case of a touchy feely genuine mature guy who was snared by vindictive women over office politics. Some guys are touchy feely and I recommend that they make an effort not to be so friendly because it can backfire so easily. I do not do anything at work that could be misunderstood but I aware aware that some women are terrific flirts at work and like the attention. If a women does not like the conduct of another worker, then all she has to do is tell the man "Do not do that, I do not like it and if you do it again then I will report you." Any man I know would back away sharpish.

It is a shame that the other staff members at the United Nations did not see sense and back Ruud up on this one rather than loose a valued member from handling the issue badly.

Friday, February 18, 2005

Raised by Chaffinches

What a shame that the Birdman has decided to stop blogging because his identity has been uncovered. I hope he starts again under a new identity as I always found his blog a refreshing read with a lovely humour running all the way through it.

Many people blog for many different reasons and some, including myself, have different blogs for different reasons, purposes and styles. Blogs allow you a total freedom to record and express yourself freely and the whole act of blogging is very liberating. It is also refreshing to randomly surf from blog to blog to gain a bright world view and gather the love and feelings of humanity.

People do get disallusioned with their blogs from time to time. This is normal and is part of life - the good thing is that you can always start afresh. It is good that everyone has the chance and they do not have to be slaves to the television and the newspapers.

I hope that before long the Birdman finds a new nest.

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