Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Doctor thrown off Ryanair flight 'for talking'.

A doctor is threatening to take Ryanair to court after he claims he was thrown off a flight for chatting during the pre-flight safety briefing. Dr Paolo Tomasi, 47, was travelling with his eight-year-old son from Alghero in Sardinia to London Stansted after a holiday. He said he was talking to a friend while the plane was preparing for take-off and the cabin crew were giving the safety demonstration.

"I was talking normally, and a steward asked me to be quiet, in a brusque manner," he said. "After five minutes, when the announcements came to an end, another stewardess came up and said that I had been warned and I should have shut up. She asked if I wanted to get off the plane.”

Dr Tomasi, who is based in London, continued: "I was astonished. She said: 'Yes, I am warning you, and I will not warn you again'." The stewardess then informed the captain about Dr Tomasi and the plane was stopped to allow airport security to remove him and his son. A Ryanair spokesman said: "He refused to stop talking during the safety demonstration and was disturbing other passengers. He clearly was not listening even though he was asked to pay attention."

...This is an industry wide problem and not just on planes. The same happens on coaches throughout the UK. Passengers will hear a spoken safety announcement by the driver but many passengers talk over his announcement either amongst themselves or into mobile telephones. The passengers will continue to rabbit on loudly, very often in foreign languages, as though the safety announcement was something to be ignored and talked over like television advertisements. These announcements are routinely ignored by most coach passengers, which is demonstrated by their non compliance with compulsory seat belt wearing. No matter how often the driver advises passengers to flush the toilet by pushing the bar at the base of the toilet bowl on a Caetano Levante, the advice is ignored and waste remains in the bowl. When there is a lot of urine in the toilet bowl it swills about and splashes onto the floor making the floor slippy and smelly.

Operating staff have to accept their passengers' ignorance and simply live with it. You speak into the microphone in the same way that a radio presenter does, professional but knowing that nobody may be listening and that you will get paid the same for your job regardless of the number of listeners. You simply make your safety announcement as part of your job and do not worry that passengers may be thrown through the air in the event of an emergency due to them not wearing a seat belt. If they want to sit with urine seeping under the toilet door then that will simply teach them for their ignorance. Ryanair staff should realise that most passengers will ignore anything they say whether they are talking to each other or not. Passengers are ignorant and staff must accept this. Make your safety announcement as though you were auditioning for a radio presenters job. Do not worry about the passengers not listening because you will know what to do if the plane crashes and it will serve the passengers right for not listening!
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