Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Body of Proof .

I thoroughly enjoyed the first episode of a new drama called Body of Proof on Channel 5 television last night. This fictional drama programme is about the work of medical examiners in the coroners office of Philadelphia. This is an American television programme but it is very suitable for the British viewer. The accents are not strong and you can understand every word. Body of Proof travels very well across the pond and will give our Silent Witness a fair run for it's money.

What I liked most about Body of Proof was the very witty dialogue between the characters within the workplace. Body of Proof is not a comedy and was not made to make viewers laugh. But the banter between the workers is very dry and you can't help but chuckle.

Aside from the workplace humour, Body of Proof is also a good crime thriller. You get to solve the crime before the end of the programme and the answers are lovely and technical. Body of Proof carries on from CSI and is in the same vein.

I vote Body of Proof a HIT as it amused, educated and entertained me. I also like the lead character - Dr Megan Hunt - and thinking about her it is so easy to mispronounce her last name.
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