Thursday, January 12, 2012

Snow White (Rose Red crime thriller series) by Saffina Desforges .

Meet Detective Inspector Cassandra Red Rose, the central character in the start of Saffina's new crime thriller series. This novel is awfully British and is written in the style of the long running television series called The Bill.

Snow White is a run of the mill police investigation with nothing new or really involved. There is a lot of detail about police procedures and the culture within police forces. Saffina handles the workplace culture between officers very well. Although Snow White is a crime thriller it is not just about a policewoman's job. Out of work, Cassandra Red Rose has a life, a life she shares with Philippa Crichton-Ward, QC. This means that Cassandra is a lesbian, who enjoys family life living with Philipa and her 3 children. Cassandra is very easy to relate to and have empathy for, regardless of the reader's gender or sexuality. Cassandra is a very likeable character. She is warm, kind, fun and has her feet firmly on the ground.

Snow White is an easy reading novel of some 440 KB that is split up into 121 chapters. These short chapters make this eBook easy to read in a series of short goes, in the same way that you can drop into a magazine. This style of publishing works well with people's busy lifestyles, when they can only snatch a few minutes of reading at a time. Snow White is an enjoyable read and the pace of the story is okay.

However, there are some small detail errors that can niggle the reader. For example: Farmer kept one eye on his visitor as he poured them both a scotch...The Huntsman placed his can gently onto the coffee table, uncrossing his legs and resting elbows on his knees...Farmer drained his can. He stood up, leaning across. - So, does that mean that Farmer and the Huntsman were drinking scotch from cans? I doubt it very much!

Superintendent Blake poured three mugs of coffee from the percolator...The Super took a long sip from his glass. - You drink coffee from a mug but alcohol from a glass, make your mind up Saffina!

“Deputy,” Morris hastened to correct. “Deputy Assistant Commissioner. I’m afraid I’m a long way off my next promotion. Unlike Inspector Rose here.” Red looked up from her glass, focusing on Morris. “I’m sorry?” Morris beamed at Red, then at Pippa. “When you do rejoin us, Cassandra, we need to discuss your promotion.” Pippa burst into a huge smile, clutching Red’s arm. “Promotion?” Red screwed one eye shut, attempting to focus on Blake’s words. Her voice slurred, “What promotion?” Blake beamed a smile. “To Chief Inspector.” - But Morris was speaking, not Blake who was just standing there and saying nothing!

“I’m sorry. I couldn’t. I...” He flung the gun into the pool, taking deep breaths to calm his nerves...He looked from Richard to the gun on the floor and back to Richard again. - Why look on the floor when the gun was flung into the pool? That is rather sloppy, isn't it Saffina.

Oh, and what about the location of the missing jewel? I thought the police had recovered it until near the end when Ruby found it outside the holiday home.

Snow White does have some lovely humour running through it. It pokes great fun at class, lifestyles and people's upbringing. Philipa is such a snob and the way she rants is very funny. For example: “Please don’t argue, Ella. It’s not lady-like. And nor is travelling on buses. I was just explaining to Deimante how you would much rather go by taxi.”

Overall there is a lovely banter between all the characters in this novel. This book does entertain but it does not stretch the reader. There is nothing to offend anyone and there is no explicit sex. Snow White is quite like a soap opera. The sauciest it goes is: “Speaking of tools...” Red raised a mischievous eyebrow. “How about we have a repeat performance of the other night?”...“Tick-tock, girlfriend.” Red glanced at her watch. “Deimante will text me when she’s at the end of the road so we can look respectable for when Rubes arrives.” “It seems you’ve thought of everything.” “Everything. I’ve even bought new batteries."...“You sounded pretty busy when I came in.” “Sounded busy?” Red felt her face colouring. “You mean...?” Ella shrugged. “Good job Deimante and Tues’ weren’t back then. I don’t think they are allowed to do things like that in Lithuania.” - So this eBook is safe for your granny to read!

I found the motives of the criminals a little far fetched and the ending was okay. Snow White lacks the sharpness and detail of Sugar & Spice , Saffina's debut novel. Snow White does disappoint the reader simply because Sugar & Spice was so damn good. Because of this I shall only vote Snow White which was written in 2011, just 3 stars on Good Reads as it is okay, rather than good.
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