Sunday, January 29, 2012

Go for it, Amy. 

I am not a competitive type of guy but sometimes I want to cheer someone on to win a competition. I am not a fan of sport or talent shows but sometimes you catch something and you want a certain person to win. I do not go to sporting events or nightclubs but with the internet you do not miss the exciting bits.

A GRAPHIC video of a drunk female student stripping has thrown Cardiff’s binge-drinking reputation into the spotlight again. The clip of the University of Glamorgan student frolicking nude in an inflatable paddling pool has been seen by thousands on the internet. Dozens of revellers filmed the 20-year-old as she took part in a wet T-shirt competition at Oceana nightclub on Greyfriars Road.

The Echo was unable to reach the student for comment last night but she did write about the incident on her Twitter page. She said: “Yes I got drunk and yes I got naked. We all do things we regret and there is nothing I can do about it now.”

 ...Sadly videos of this wet T-shirt competition have been removed from You Tube. However, a quick search on the internet can reveal that the girl's name is Amy McCrow and I have found a copy of the 9 minute and 22 second video on the Daily Motion website.

So, sit back, enjoy and cheer Amy on to win her competition.

"Go on girl, go for it, Amy".

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