Thursday, January 19, 2012

Phew! All at peace in our little house.

Things have returned to normal in our little house tonight. Gail and I were so used to it just being the 2 of us at home. That was until Tuesday 20th December when my Mam and Dad came to stay with us. We thought it best that Dad stayed with us whilst Mother was admitted to hospital.

We noticed a big difference with Dad living here and his habits can be rather a challenge. It is so easy to forget how people move on and Gail and I both noticed how different our lives had become. It was different for Dad also with Mother being in hospital and him having to fit in with our way of life. When Mother came back from hospital she really enjoyed the company staying with us. It was so different for her being able to natter with Gail at all hours. Gail rules the television and Mother had the chance to watch television programmes that Dad would never entertain.

Tonight I took Mam and Dad back home to their sheltered housing flat that is 2 miles down the road. Gail and I had a debriefing session and we both feel the same.

It was great to do the family thing and have Mam and Dad stay with us.

We really appreciate the way we do things and the way we live.

Children move away from their parents so much that it would be a great strain to live together for a long time.

Personal space is very important and your home is your castle. It is all right being sociable and family orientated but you need that personal space and time together without interruptions.

Why were Mam and Dad quite every night until 21.00 when they would suddenly pipe up and talk through whatever television programme you were trying to watch!

We think that Mam deserves a medal for looking after Dad all these years and doing everything for him.

Why was Dad so difficult with the television? There is something for everybody and programmes do not have to be high-brow. It is something called light-entertainment and modern comedy is good. He did get a big shock with"> Bruno the Sacha Baron Cohen film. He thought it was unsuitable and was disappointed in my film choice! 

...So, it has been a very different 4 weeks and now we are back to normal. Barney, our little dog will miss the company though, although he can now stretch out on the 2 seater sofa.
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