Monday, January 30, 2012

Oh, Bruno! 

Just finished watching a film on our digital TV recorder. It was called Bruno and starred the very funny comedian Sacha Baron Cohen. I tried to watch this film the other week but Nanny Gail and my father threw the card in with their quality threshold and the film was withdrawn from viewing.

Sadly Gail is in hospital following the full replacement of her left knee and my father is back home with my mother in their sheltered housing complex. I was told to watch this disgusting programme on my own and to delete it from our digital TV recorder when I had finished.

Okay, I have watched this film that had proved so offensive to both my wife Gail and my father. What did I think of it in the end?

Absolutely brilliant! What a hoot this film was for me, it was so screamingly funny! It really took the mickey out of gay stereotypes, I could not help but laugh. It poked great fun at the general public's ignorance to homosexuality. I was rolling about with laughter on my sofa. This film was not crude but it's satire was severe. There was no need to cringe, like Nanny Gail and my father did. Sacha Baron Cohen poked great fun at the ignorance that blights homosexuality in the public's eye. But his spread of the depiction of ignorance spread far wider than sexual politics. One of the funniest parts of his film involved his acted ignorance during an interview regarding the difference between Hamas and Hummus . I must give a big thanks to the many stars who appeared in a cameo role in Sacha's film, they were a great sport and appreciated the joke that was lost on Nanny Gail and my father.
It is a good film, although borat is much funnier, highly recommended if you like Cohen.
I wish our Gail a speedy recovery
Thanks Matthew: I also enjoyed Borat but do not think that one is better than the other.

Gail's recovery has been delayed. She thought she was coming home today as she believed the bleeding had stopped. Doctor took off the dressing, gave her leg a good old prod and hey presto! it started bleeding in front of hime. He shook his head and declared that she would not be discharged today, maybe tomorrow.
Sorry typo: started bleeding in front of hime...

should read "started bleeding in front of him."
did you watch his new one 'the dictator' yet? that is funny too i saw it in the cinema recently!
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