Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The One Jasper Carrott 

I watched The One Jasper Carrott on BBC1 television last night. Jasper opened his set by teasing the audience that he had not been on television for a long time. He claimed this was because he does not cook, dance or skate. This was his first television programme for 13 years and having watched last night's I can see why! Thankfully comedy has moved on in those 13 years but sadly Jasper has not. His comedy by today's standards was dull, rather safe and had no personality. Jasper lacked bite and his programme was a big disappointment. Today's comedians are sharp and sum up the nation's mood very accurately. Jasper was like an old man reminiscent in a nursing home.

The only good bit on the show was at the end when he sang with the ELO drummer Bev Bevan and the legendary Rick Wakeman on a keyboard. I felt sorry for Rick Wakeman being roped in to help a clearly second rate and past it comedian. The 30 minutes would have been better spent if Rick Wakeman had played his keyboard and entertained the audience rather than try to rescue an amateur performance from a has-been.
It's a politically correct world we live in today Steve, today's comedians are boring and not funny. They are funny I suppose if you are a BBC supporting left wing socialist who laughs when told to do so and not when you actually find something amusing!!
BBC sense of humour is dull, grey,wet and boring, guffaw!!!!
I bet you like Rhod Gilbert and Jo Brand kind of comedy, eh??? I squirm with embarrassment when I see this kind of "comedy" in tv.
The only decent comedian on telly these days is lee Evans, and he's getting on now!!
Sorry Matthew, thanks for posting your comment but our sense of humour and favourite comedians are opposites! I like the new group of edgy comedians such as Micky Flanagan and Andy Parsons. Of the old school I really like Jo Brand and Rhod Gilbert.

There are two comedians I can't stand, Lee Evans and Harry Hill.

Of course the biggest joke in our business is Salvador Caetano.
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