Thursday, January 26, 2012

Billy the Hood.

And on other beard news today, we have my father this morning in Morrison's.

With Gail in hospital and our home rather full of food and drink, I did not have much to buy today on our weekly shop at Morrison's in Cardiff Bay. So I whizzed around with a trolley, paid for the goods, went to the car and drove to re-fuel.  Because I parked in another car space I went back in the supermarket to see mum or dad, so that we could meet up when mother had finished shopping. Wondering around the store I spotted dad the other side of the check-out. I walked over and we both sat on a bench gossiping until mother finished.

Dad feels the cold and he had the hood of his anorak over his head. This hood did not come down, so after a bit I asked him why it was still up. "It's stuck son" he replied, "I can't unfasten the knot". I giggled, then offered to untie his hood. "But watch the beard, it might hurt!" dad exclaimed. "Don't worry dad" I replied "if I catch you, then you'll yelp and I will stop!". Dad had not fastened his hood in a bow but with a reef knot. I untied his hood and we had a good laugh about it. He is 79 years old and looks so helpless at times, today was one of them.

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