Monday, January 02, 2012

Womble strikes again.

I am not a fan of bodging but sometimes it does the job quickly and cheaply. Yesterday I did some washing up in the kitchen sink. When I finished I pulled out the plug but it had got stuck in the drain hole. The plug was still attached to the waste pipe cover.

I forced the plug off the cover and could see that the plastic securing bolt had broken. Without this tightness the water leaked into the cabinet below. So on my way back from work I called into B&Q to buy another kitchen sink waste pipe connection thingie. Well the range of plumbing supplies was huge and I had the broken one with me to compare. There was not an identical replacement on offer so I bought the closest I could find.

I checked on the help desk to see if I was buying the right one. The guy agreed that the top looked the same and it should fit. He said not to worry as if it did not then I could get my money back. I went home and tried to fit the new kitchen sink waste drain thingie. Well, the top did fit but the bottom did not fit the other waste pipes as it's cross-section was too narrow.

What could I do? It was a shame that the old plastic securing bolt had broken. All I needed was a suitable replacement bolt. Then I had an idea and a mental picture of a plastic bolt hidden in my garage. So, Gail's womble of a husband went into his garage and found an old plastic toilet seat hinge bolt and lock nut. This was narrower than the broken bolt but it does the same job! I fitted it to the old drain and bingo, no leaks, job done!

So, Gail's womble of a husband went back to B&Q and got his £6.39 back. I might be a womble but I get the job done and cheaply too! I feel quite proud of that, all things considered.

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