Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Perspective .

Yesterday the Christmas decorations in our home were taken down and stored in the garage. At this time of year I get a lot of ribbing from friends about my dislike of Christmas decorations, lights and trees. They call me Bah Humbug and I take their ribbing on the chin. Now our home has lost it's Christmas junk, life can go back to normal and our perspective can be regained. Getting to grasp with perspective is easier for some people than others.

I could drone on about the importance of perspective in a global context but Richard Scrimger has written such a beautiful post on his blog, I can't do better than point you to his blog . Richard has been working a short while in Ethiopia and his experiences have brought life sharply into perspective for him.

...You'd think that leading your leprous grandma around to beg for change was a totally normal thing to do...The little girl in question was calm, neatly dressed, patient. She met my eye, smiled, nodded gravely, and moved on to the next taxi, pulling the old lady after her by her rotting stump...

Well, what more can I say? That really puts things into perspective when you consider how many unwanted Christmas presents have been thrown in the bin because the receiver did not value the gift.
What's Ethiopia got to do with Christmas?? It's a Muslim country, something you and bob geldof have forgotten!!!!
They don't celebrate Christmas:-))
WRONG on at least two counts.

Ethiopia is a multi-regilous country with both Christians and Muslims (perhaps even a few Atheists).

The Christain population do celebrate Christmas but it hasn't arrived yet, the Ethiopian Christmas is on 7th January.

The Muslim population will not celebrate Christmas as a festival but still recognise it as the Birthday of one of their prophets, Jesus.

However neither the Christain or Islamic faiths have any real significance to the timing of Christmas its all to do with the Pagan celebration of the return of the Sun.

All of which is not relevant since no matter what religon you choose to follow (if any at all) the sight of a leper in the street still puts things into perspective.

Thanks John: Richard, you and I all understand that poverty has got nothing to do with religion but with humanity. We also understand perspective and do not loose sight of it following a political agenda.

Sorry Matthew: This has nothing to do with religion, race or politics. It is about how humans value their life and compare it to others. That is perspective and something to think about as you sit in a centrally heated home, with a full stomach and playing with your iPhone.
So steve you have sold your house and given all your wealth to charity in order to end world poverty??
NO, you are sat on your fat arse with your fat belly hanging over your belt, in your warm house, eating biscuits and drinking beer, whilst playing with your kindle having bought a shitty book on rape, murder and some other form of degenerative behaviour for 75pence!!!!
End world poverty, allahu Akbar!!!!!!!!!
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