Thursday, January 05, 2012

Girl on girl action.

Men quietly like it when girls have a little fight in public. It does not have to come to blows or have lots of hair pulling. A good old shout and finger signals can be enough. Of course in the 21st century, girls can have their scraps on-line and men can still watch and smile at the action. These scraps are quite local but one girlie fight has made the national news.

In one corner of the Twitter ring we have Bim Adewunmi and in the other corner we have Diane Abbott, the MP for Hackney North and Stoke Newington. There is a good article by Bim Adewunmi in the Guardian, about how she started the Diane Abbott Twitter storm.

Bim wrote on Twitter... "I do wish everyone would stop saying 'the black community' though." She expanded in a followup: "Clarifying my 'black community' tweet: I hate the generally lazy thinking behind the use of the term. Same for 'black community leaders'. This led to a reply from local MP Diane Abbott, in which she said: "I understand the cultural point you are making. But you are playing into a "divide and rule" agenda." This acrap went back and forth for a few tweets more and then Abbott sent out the tweet that caused the furore: "White people love playing 'divide & rule' We should not play their game #tacticasoldascolonialism."

Well, Bim has written a very good article with a lovely explanation of the issues. I think that Bim is right in her opinions and that she has won her media scrap with Diane. Well done Bim, I am proud of you and glad that you have taken Diane down a peg or two. Your arguments are convincing and I think you won the day by talking common sense. You can't group every non-white person into a black community - it is not fair and we all know how lazy the media has become by using the same talking heads every time a particular issue breaks.

It was fun to watch this scrap and it is nonsense that white people play divide and rule. Most adults move on and see beyond skin colour, even when the media is a little lazy and some MP's are hot heads.
I think the media should be obliged to put the words "Self appointed" before "community leaders" because you damned well know that nobody in "the community" decided that they were or elected them.

I have to say I did find it amusing to watch Abbot twisting in the wind of the same faux PC "outrage" and "offence" that she and her political ilk have done so much to create.
I agree with you there, 100 per cent!! Abbott is a nasty little racist just like lee jasper
So you have read his blog then! And he has a job with Tory boy Mayor of London as the Director for Policing and Equalities.
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