Monday, January 23, 2012

Home alone.

Oh, it feels strange, being home alone. I came home tonight to an empty house. No little dog running to the door and no television set on. The house was deserted and quiet. It felt very strange indeed.

Gail went into hospital today to have her left knee replaced. Barney went to stay with friends until my day off on Thursday. So I am home alone, a feeling I have not had since 1991.

Have I put the television on? No thank you! Have I put the computer on? Definitely!

It is only for 3 nights but it does seem odd. I must remember not to spend too much time on this computer though and go to bed so as to be refreshed for work tomorrow.

I popped in to see Gail after I finished work tonight and her operation went well. This was a relief for me as the thought of the mechanics of knee replacement gave me the willies.

Oh, the peace and sitting here now at 23.35 it feels like I am far away from civilization, not just 5 miles west of the centre of Cardiff. That bed is going to feel strange tonight, with just me in it and without Barney sleeping on the floor next to me.
I know for a fact you weren't alone stevie boy:-))) what about that young blonde lady you are seeing from Abergavenny bus station, eh???? Nudge nudge:-))
Not me, Matthew. You must be thinking of another driver.
Sorry just catching up. Trust Gail is up and about. From what I have seen of Knee replacements they seem to very successful.
Thanks fellow PCV licence holder: Gail has not been discharged yet as there is still a small amount of bleeding from her operation wound. She maybe coming home on Monday. When I visited her tonight she looked okay walking with crutches across the ward to the toilet. Our friends knee replacements from Llandough Hospital have been successful.
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