Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Quote of the day .

My quote of the day goes to Douglas Alexander, the shadow Foreign Secretary. In a Commons debate about handling of the Libya crisis by William Hague, the Foreign Secretary - Douglas Alexander said...

"The British public are entitled to wonder whether, if some new neighbours moved into the Foreign Secretary's street, he would introduce himself by ringing the doorbell or instead choose to climb over the fence in the middle of the night."

...laughing out loud! Douglas, perhaps William Hague has been reading too many Andy McNab novels.
I hardly think that the opposition are in a position to criticise the government in any way shape or form given their absolute disastrous 13 years in government!! Not to mention their pathetic ''cosying'' up to the American war mongers!!
New Labour had a good 13 years of government. Millions of lowly paid workers have benefited from the National Minimum Wage directly and indirectly. The Tory party was totally against the National Minimum Wage.

Also the Labour Party pushed through the Transfer of Undertaking and (Protection of Employment) Regulations 2006 which will benefit 21 guys from Treforest when we come to your farm.

It was Tony Blair who had a special relationship with George W Bush. Tony is New Labour and should not be confused with all the good work done by Old Labour politicians like Kevin Brennan here in Cardiff West and John Prescott who got us the M4 bus lane.
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