Thursday, March 24, 2011

What Census? .

I have seen advertisements around our country about a Census. I overheard two passengers on my coach the other day talking about a Census. What Census is this I wondered? I have not received any Census form at my home here in Cardiff. Ah! I resign myself to believe, this must be a Census in England and that it is not taking place in Wales. Then I notice signs in Cardiff about a Census but still I have not received a form. Now I hear that our friends who live 10 minutes walk away, have received a Census form. My mother tells me that some of the residents in her sheltered housing complex have received a Census form, but she and some others have not received one.

Then I have a nagging thought...

I think it may be a legal requirement to complete a Census form, it is not voluntary.

...So, I had a look on-line tonight at a government website about a Census. Blow me down, there is a Census that I must take part in, otherwise I will face prosecution. So I followed the links and applied for a form.

My question is: How many people have not received a form and the first they hear about it is when somebody from the Office of National Statistics bullies them to complete the form or face a fine?

Maybe my mother and I have been unlucky in not receiving a Census form. But we have always received our voting papers. I wonder what has gone wrong? Maybe delivery of these Census forms has been out-sourced and the new operator has not been doing their job properly. Trouble is, non-completion could result in a fine, which seems grossly unfair if you have not received a form because the delivery agent has dumped them somewhere. It is bad that it is up to the citizen to contact our government for this wretched form.
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