Saturday, March 26, 2011

Snowbound by Seth Daniels.

Jessica turned the key again and still the car whined but would not start. The sun was going down and she knew she should not leave her car but she decided she could not make it overnight. She was going to have to try to walk to the house she remembered passing about a mile back.

Snowbound is a fantasy story that would never happen in real life. It is easy reading, just like the popular women's magazine called Take a Break . There are only two characters in this story, Jessica and Earl. But there is no attitude in this fantasy tale, it is rather ordinary and like a soap opera. Snowbound does have an adult theme and features some BDSM but there is nothing gross and it should not offend Nanny Gail as she has seen more shocking stuff on Shameless .

I took nothing away from this book as it packs no surprises. Snowbound lacks originality and does not have the WOW! factor. The silliest dialogue in this tale was...

"Of course you can come in. Just as soon as you take all your clothes off."

"Please sir, I need help."

"I can see that. I need to see you without your clothes on if you want to come in this house."

...and the best bit was...

He pressed the button and then waited. The smell of the wax heating up was very noticeable. It was a pleasant smell and somehow that relaxed Jessica.

The first drop fell through the air landing on her stomach, just above her belly button. The striations in her well-defined muscles became very visible as her entire body tensed up. She let out a brief scream as she felt the burning on her skin. The wax continued to drop down on her sometimes hitting her arms other times dripping down her thigh before hardening.

...Snowbound was a disappointment and was no more amusing than a magazine story. This tale has a rather stupid ending. I cannot recommend this book and I will not purchase another of Seth's books. Snowbound was written in 2010 and is a very short story measuring 20 KB as an Amazon Kindle eBook, which displayed as only 40 screens in my default reading style. Yes, it only cost me 70p, although if you paid more than a pound, you would have been robbed! I vote this novella the minimum 1 star on Goodreads because I consider this book a MISS. It is a little bit of titillation and the result of the hard-on test is: YES.

Next book please!
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