Thursday, March 10, 2011

When the words below a newspaper photograph make you smile .

Without reading a newspaper from cover to cover and reading every word, sometimes a photograph and the caption below attract your attention. This is what happened today when I invested 20p on an i.

Barbara Windsor takes her son Boris to get some new smart shoes for school

...Laughing out loud, that's one to show my mate Matthew down at the farm! The story below this well captioned photograph explains this image. Here at C&S we like to keep an eye on what the competition is up to. And looking at some of our rival celebrity columns we realised that the one thing they had which we didn’t was pictures of blonde-haired beauties. With that in mind – and in line with our need to keep up with the pack – here is a picture of two hot, young blond(e)s – Boris Johnson and Barbara Windsor. The pair, who had the appearance of a mother and reluctant son on a shopping trip, were in London’s East End to promote the concept of “street parties”and neighbourly love.
East London's "neighbourly love" seems a little thin today when you consider the random shooting of a 16 year old by two cyclists using a Mac 10

Barbara Windsor's mates the Krays (and their rivals the Richardsons) didn't do much for the reputation of the "good old days" either.

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