Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Goan Vegetable Curry .

We had a pub lunch last Thursday and chose to go to the Crossways Brewers Fayre at Caerphilly. It has been a long time since we have been to a branch of the Brewers Fayre chain of restaurants. They now have a new menu which I studied to see if they had something different to the regular pub fayre.

Ah! what is this?...

Goan Vegetable Curry

A coconut based curry containing sweet potato, cauliflower, lentils, spinach and green peppers. Served with basmati rice, a naan bread, poppadoms and mango chutney.

...this meal is priced at £6.99 but qualifies for the 2 Main Meals for £10 offer when served Monday to Friday between 12.00 and 18.30

Well, I thought, I like the sound of that! I have never had a Goan curry in a pub before and like my view on Real Ales, if I have not sampled the product before, I will have one so that I know.

I thoroughly enjoyed this Goan Vegetable Curry and would recommend this meal to food lovers who would like something a little different. In a word, this meal is "tasty". It is not a hot curry but one with a lovely light flavour that makes you think of spring, sunshine and dog walks along a river. If you enjoy a Korma, then you should like the Goan Vegetable Curry. What the Brewers Fayre have done with their curry that other brewers have not done, is include on your plate a naan bread and 2 poppadoms. Usually on a pub meal curry you get a naan bread OR a poppadom. I have never had both a naan bread and 2 poppadoms on the same plate!

Well done to Brewers Fayre and their new menu. I vote the Goan Vegetable Curry a HIT.
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