Tuesday, March 29, 2011

'Yes, you're free to leave – to the police station'

So, it appears, the Police tell lies. You have the right to demonstrate peacefully but afterwards you will be arrested for "aggravated trespass". Campaigners for the tax-avoidance protest group UK Uncut have claimed senior police officers "tricked" them into a mass arrest after a peaceful protest inside Fortnum & Mason's in London on Saturday.

This seems very unfair to me for two reasons:

One: We should have the right to demonstrate peacefully, sitting down in a shop should not be a crime. You should not be charged with aggravated trespass when other shoppers were ignored by the Police. What is aggravating about walking into an open shop and sitting down but not bothering anybody?

Two: The Police are paid for by you the taxpayer, to serve the public and uphold the law. This means acting for justice and not telling lies. To tell people that they are free to go home and then arrest them outside the shop is simply not fair play. These protesters were not harming anyone but were clearly tricked by the Police. No wonder the Police are losing the support of the public across our country.
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