Monday, March 28, 2011

Twenty Twelve on BBC Four television.

Tonight at 22.00 sees the third episode of Twenty Twelve on BBC Four television. Twenty Twelve is a spoof six-part documentary series about the people in the deliverance team trying to make the Olympics happen in London in 2012. It is done in typical BBC real life documentary style, that is with a straight face and industry standard dead-pan narration by David Tennant.

I have watched the first two episodes of Twenty Twelve and I think it is a HOOT! If you liked Come Fly With Me , then you should enjoy Twenty Twelve. The dialogue spoken in Twenty Twelve is wonderful and makes for a very entertaining programme.

Have you ever been irritated by managers who talk a load of bullshit by using the current trendy buzzwords around your industry but do not know what happens on the ground? Are you tired of slick professional presentation skills that dress up a bad service? Do you wonder if consultants know what is happening at the sharp end and if they have been conned by management into believing they are working for a company that is truly adaptive to the market? If you have answered YES to these three questions then Twenty Twelve is a programme for you and you will laugh your socks off!

Twenty Twelve demonstrates how many industries work and how much image is to blame. It is all about the brand and the deliverance team ignore the actual work but concentrate their time on presentation and delivering the message rather than the service. The deliverance team manager is Ian Fletcher, who has the best lines and is King of Bullshit. His favourite saying: "So... no. Basically, it's all good." His contribution really puts this programme on the map because he highlights just what is wrong with managers throughout our country. Managers who have a dream but have totally lost reality and no longer understand the jobs their staff are doing. They are out of touch but nobody challenges their bullshit because they accountable to nobody. Second best lines go to Siobhan Sharpe, Head of Brand, as she puts forward a wonderful shiny image on everything. Her favourite saying: "Guys we are where we are with this, and that's never a good place to be." I can imagine her saying "As this contract was no longer financially viable for Perfect Curve, especially given the level of additional investment that is required to continue operating this service to the required contractual standards, we can confirm that Classic Sheds had subsequently been successful in their bid."

Oh! and on episode two, it featured a top of the range touring coach supplied by Westbus and the driver was not wearing a seat belt. This driver was also sporting a bluetooth mobile telephone ear piece, which is very unprofessional and if it was used whilst working under contract for the nationwide company, would result in disciplinary action being taken against the offending driver.
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