Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Google Chrome the browser that defeats hackers.

I have been using the Google Chrome internet browser for over fourteen months now. The speed of this browser is very good and it does everything I want from a browser. I also like the Google Chrome attitude to bookmarks, simply forget to make them! Just live your internet experience in the Google Chrome cloud. Google Chrome has One box for everything , it is called the Address bar.

Today I read that Google set a challenge at the annual contest called Pwn2Own, where hackers compete to find flaws in the browsers. The latest competition was last week in Vancouver, where hackers breached Apple's Safari browser and Internet Explorer 8. Chrome remained untouched despite Google offering a $20,000 reward to find a flaw in its product. The researchers successfully exploited Safari and Internet Explorer. A team from French security company Vupen took down Safari 5 running on a MacBook Air notebook in five seconds, and independent researcher Stephen Fewer used a trio of vulnerabilities to hack IE8 on Windows 7.

So, Google offered a reward of $20,000 and the hackers did not break into Google Chrome. That is some result and another reason why Google Chrome is my browser of choice. To use a browser that hackers have not yet exploited is great for everyone if you want to stay ahead of the game and surf safe. If you have not yet tried Google Chrome, I strongly suggest you give it a go. I have been very happy with this browser since I made the switch in January 2010.
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