Sunday, April 24, 2005

Popularity of the Royal Family in the UK.

I laughed out loud when I read this ...

Prince Edward lonely in Newport

Apr 24 2005

Laura Kemp, Wales on Sunday

JUST one royal family fan turned up to see Prince Edward visit Newport.

The poor old Earl of Wessex had two police officers on standby in case of a scrum.

But it never materialised as Carol Bader was the only person to greet him on Friday as he stopped off on a tour to highlight work being done to help disadvantaged people.

What a waste of public money - the civil list payments and the two Police officers. These unelected members of the Royal Family are not wanted by our public as evidenced by their lack of public support. A fashion model or footballer will draw crowds but an unelected aristocrat is about as popular as a pigeon in a shopping centre. The sooner the Royal Family is abolished the better - the public has voted with their feet. Carol Bader ought to get a life of her own!
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