Thursday, September 15, 2005

The fuel protests.

Oh what fun the media and the public have had this week with the possibility of protests against the price of petrol and diesel. The media have warned the public that there may be shortages with garages running dry. Motorists have panicked to top up their tanks and queues have formed around filling stations. Our government have drawn up contingency plans with the Police and the Army. Demonstrations outside oil refinerys yesterday have been an embarrassment for the protest organisers for their extremely small turn out.

The handfull number of loudmouth protesters are wasting their time.

We live in a democracy and we have elected a government to run our society, set taxes, set laws and provide a Police force and a defensive land army. The population have elected representatives to speak and act for them. These loudmouth protesters cannot hold our government to ransom. The protesters have not been given a mandate by the public unlike our democraticaly elected government has been given, again and again. I do not believe the protesters have much support amongst the general public. Yes, we would all like cheaper petrol or diesel but these are governed by global market forces not a handfull of farmers or hauliers. The taxation on road fuel balances the whole taxation budget to provide all the services that our country runs.

Our state has the means physical and legislative to stop any unlawful protest. The Police can arrest people under many laws and with the new anti-terrorism legislation their powers are vastly increased. You can be done for damaging our country with economic crime and our Police even have a shoot to kill policy. They could even justify rough treatment because the protesters are near flammable and explosive liquids. The Army has the physical strength to remove any obstructions around oil refinerys and the Police can arrest and/or prosecute any road hogs.

So the protesters are onto a non starter and are wasting their time with very little public support for their cause.
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