Saturday, November 05, 2005

I have sent a letter to our council today...

Cardiff County Council,
Development Control,
Regulatory Services,
City Hall,
CF10 3ND

5th November 2005

Dear Sir,

Application No: 05/01422/W
Proposal: Retention of feathered edge fence.
Location: 7 Whinberry Way, St. Fagans, Cardiff.
Applicant: Mr C Black

The above planning application was REFUSED on 23rd August 2005 and I have looked forward to the removal of this offending fence. The weeks have rolled by and this fence is still in place. I did not expect this fence to be removed immediately and feel the applicant should be given sufficient time to complete this work. No work has taken place and I wonder if Mr Black thinks this issue has been forgotten?

Please can you tell me,

1) Has Mr Black appealed against this planning decision?

2) How much time is an applicant given to comply with a planning order?

3) What can I do to invoke compliance with a planning decision?

Yours faithfully,

Stephen Clynes,
11 Crosswells Way,
St. Fagans,
CF5 4QX.

I look forward to a reply on this unresolved issue which I will publish on this blog.
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