Tuesday, November 22, 2005

We have had a reply from Tesco Pet Insurance, they will not be paying out on our claim. They state that because our pet was taken to our vet before the insurance was taken out with a paw that he was licking and that he was nipping his rear - anal glands needed clearing - they considered it a pre-existing condition. This we dispute and we consider them to be awkward in not paying out on our claim. As their attitude appears to be - your pet was ill before, therefore any further visits are a pre-existing condition - and it is worthless trying to challenge such a big company like Tesco, we have decided to cancel our direct debit to pay for any more premiums. It is better to take the risk ourselves than to waste paying premiums to a company that will happily take your money but are reluctant to honour any claims.

To debate that a new illness to your pet is linked to previous visits to your vet is simply sharp practice. You get the impression they would sell their grandmothers' into slavery.

I would not recommend Tesco Pet Insurance to anyone. Save your money and take the risk yourself - they do not want to pay out in the event of a claim and you will never beat them. They will also share data with other companies, so beware if you really must buy pet insurance.
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