Wednesday, November 02, 2005

We put a claim in under our pet insurance for treatment to our pet. However, we have not received a written reply from Tesco Pet Insurance, only a brief telephone call from them saying they would not be paying out as they claim it was a pre-existing condition - which it is not. Insurance companies can be awkward over claims, they happily take the premiums but argue over settlement of claims. Tesco have made huge profits in the UK but do not like putting their hand into their pockets, which is shameful. If this pet insurance proves not to be worth the paper it is written on, we are paying a premium of £8.03 a month, then we shall cancel this insurance and take the risk ourselves. The ball is now in their court and if we get a negative or no reply then this insurance will be cancelled. Here is what my wife wrote - with help from me as it was taken out in her name, simple and to the point...

Tesco Pet Insurance
Pet Claims Department
PO Box 122
Cote Lane
LS28 5GB

3rd November 2005

Dear Sir,

Policy Number 55357805

I am still awaiting a written reply from you to my claim under the above pet insurance policy. There were 2 claim forms submitted to you in September 2005, one from our own vet The Park Veterinary Group and another from the University of Bristol - to which our vet referred our pet - for £323.31.

Our own vet at the Park Veterinary Group has sent you another letter explaining that this claim was for a brand new condition and not an existing problem that Barney has ever had before and therefore under your Insurance contract we should be entitled to be paid.

These claims are not for a pre-existing condition as my pet has not developed any skin condition before.

Yours faithfully

Time will tell and I will post the result here in the public interest, as I suspect that pet insurance in the UK may becoming a con.
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