Saturday, December 24, 2005

It brought a laugh to me when I read the story of a company who dismissed an employee after 15 minutes when they found she smoked . Dataflow Communications of Wells clearly state on their website "Subsidised monthly one-to-one lifestyle consultancy - Smoke free environment (non-smokers only) - Corporate membership of local leisure centre ".

I have no sympathy with Sophie Blinham as if she had done her homework before the job interview she would have known that she was unsuitable due to her addiction. Smokers do bring their habit to work with them, the smell clings to their clothes. They often want paid time off to get their hit and suffer from greater levels of sickness. Employers have the pick of recruits and it is not unlawful to choose not to hire smokers. It is good to work in a smoke free environment and not have co-workers bringing in their filthy habit with them.

Employees must know the score with their employers. My employer has a random breath testing policy which I view is part of the job. They also have a drug testing policy in place that has not been used because I believe the cost of testing is too high to monitor negative results. The stance taken by this company is a positive one and one I applaud.
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