Tuesday, December 13, 2005

What is it with cards?

It was my wife's birthday yesterday and she was very happy with the clothes and flowers I had bought her but very unhappy with her birthday card. She claimed it was too small, it was a standard card size but she wanted a big one. I cannot understand this, the card does nothing and just sits on the mantelshelf before going in the green recycling bag. It is to me just a symbol representing a happy birthday wish. I cannot do anything with a card, just through it into a bin. Give me a bottle of beer or a packet of biscuits and I know what to do with them, keep your card and give me something I can put through my mouth.

It is getting towards Christmas and a lot of people are sending and giving each other Christmas cards. These people are not all worshipping Christians but they feel they should send and give them because it is what people do. They think that because someone has dumped this unsolicited junk mail on them that they have to return another card to the sender. This is a yearly tradition for a lot of people in the UK. It annoys me the money and time people spend on this junk, can they not think for themselves and take a stand against this junk consumerism?

The greeting card industry in this country is quite large and some people spend a lot of money on a card. I feel it is a shame they cannot choose something more personal or original that a useless piece of card only fit for the rubbish bin.
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