Monday, January 23, 2006

I have been watching Celebrity Big Brother broadcast on Channel 4 at home on my television. The mixture of housemates makes for good entertainment with a good level of banter for the viewer to enjoy. It is the strongest cast they have ever had on Big Brother yet, whether the celebrity series or the general public. The dialogue amongst the housemates is lively and there is never a dull moment for the viewer. These housemates are entertaining the public whilst submitting themselves to scrutiny in a television studio that is quite like a prison. The housemates have no personal space, which I would find a big challenge and are living constantly very close to each other.

What surprises me most at the moment is that of the 7 remaining celebrities in the house - ALL of them smoke. There is hours of television where they all sit around smoking heavily, every one of them a celebrity and a possible role model. The tobacco companies must be jumping with joy at this celebrity endorsement of their deadly, addictive product as tobacco advertising in the UK is illegal on television. The accepted smoking ratio of the adult population is 25% but in the Big Brother house it is 100%. The air in the Big Brother house must be foul, I would not be able to tolerate it myself. I have no gripe with Channel 4 for allowing smoking in the Big Brother house as I doubt if the housemates would consider taking part if they could not continue with their dependency on tobacco. I am just surprised that the take up rate of tobacco is 100% - I thought the habit was dying out with the users. To be stuck in a house with 7 other people smoking like they have been, is my idea of hell on earth.

I think that Pete Burns should win because he has put the most humour into the programme and George Galloway should be runner up for being such a nice bloke. Time will tell to see how the viewers vote but it is a great series to watch from your clean air lounge at home.
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