Thursday, January 05, 2006

There has been a lot in the media this past week about Political Correctness. This issue has grown but does not deserve to be as big as it has become.

Our language is a living language and will change a lot over time. How people write and speak about people and events should only concern the author or speaker. We all communicate with each other and however we label things is a personal thing and should not be censored. If you do not like the descriptors people are using then ignore them, you do not have to speak to them, the choice is yours. Some words and phrases are seasonal and wear out over time as fashions within our language and country change.

I do not agree with people who complain that something is PC when really they just do not like the object that is being described. This can include racists who want to be rude about other people they do not like due to their skin colour or ethnic origin.

If you are going to be rude then stand up and be counted. Do not claim that others are being PC just to advance your opinion. Most people can be polite to others and are not being Politically Correct just simply civil.
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