Wednesday, January 18, 2006

We live in a democracy in the UK with the principle of one man, one vote. We elect a national government and local councils that serve the citizens of our country. Measures are passed in local and national government that citizens and businesses abide by. However, Tesco do not want to abide by the laws of planning permission and bully local councils to get their own way. Tesco can if it does not like the restrictions imposed on a planning application simply ignore the conditions and please itself. They have a gun-ho attitude to planning consent and think that they have the money to do whatever the want because our councils dare not challenge them due to the potential legal costs involved. The public should be breaking the armlock that Tesco is holding on our democraticly elected councils.

What Tesco is doing is wrong, it is against the public interest and our democracy. They are bullies and should be resisted by the public. I urge people to vote with their pockets and not shop at Tesco. Tesco should not be above the law because of their size and money. Let us have a level playing field for everybody - not an open season for the big boys.
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