Saturday, February 04, 2006

Cartoon fun with Mohamed .

What a fuss has been made in the Muslim world over the Danish cartoons. Why can they not take a joke? The Muslims are being very touchy at the moment and need to lighten up. There is a rightful place in journalism for cartoons to use satire to make a point using humour to good effect. The Muslims should understand this, the rest of the world can take criticism and humour - they should be strong enough in their lives to take it on the chin and in good spirit. Setting fire to embassies in the Middle East is not the way forward and shows just how backward their religion really is.

It is a shame that the British press did not have the courage to re-print these cartoons so that their readers could form their own opinions rather than being told an editorial line. Adults should form their own opinions and freedom of speech should be upheld. No-one should be censored and all opinions should be allowed expression.

These were only cartoons, nothing more. There was no violent action in Denmark unlike the arson taking place in the Middle East over cartoons in a publication whose audience is a long way away from them.

I did not find anything offensive in these cartoons but feel that setting fire to buildings is simply criminal and ignorant. What are these Muslims - sheep with matches?
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