Monday, March 27, 2006

Those people will not be bothered by an extra £45 a year.

We had all the song and dance last Wednesday about the Budget increase of Vehicle Excise Duty on Chelsea tractors. The Chancellor made his budget and announced the new rate for the most gas-guzzling cars to be increased from £165 to £210 a year. This increase of £45 a year will not bother motorists who can afford to run these large, powerfull and heavy cars. It is a drop in the ocean of the incomes of these people - they flash their wealth around, another £45 a year is peanuts to them. If anything this increase just adds to the class divisions in this country. This increase has been hyped up by the government as being a Green policy but I do not think it will have any effect on the sale of these types of vehicles. If you can afford to buy and run a Chelsea tractor an extra £45 will never put you off. The type of motorists who buy these cars will continue to use them because of the prescence they hold on the road.
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