Tuesday, April 25, 2006

The Dahab bombings.

There were 3 bombs that went off yesterday in the Egyptian holiday resort of Dahab. There were at least 23 people killed and 62 wounded. The 3 bombs went off almost simultaneously which is a tactic often used by al-Qa'ida. This attack bears the hallmarks of al-Qa'ida and comes after another tape from Osama bin Laden was broadcast warning of attacks on Western civilians. It is horrible how holiday makers are targetted in this way. It has happened in Egypt quite a lot in the past and this is another knock to their tourist industry. These tourists were no threat to anyone, just enjoying a holiday and having a good time with the rest of the human race. These 23 people have paid the price for the way western politicians have invaded countries and peoples throughout the Middle East. We were warned but the politicians continued to wage war against Islam and now ordinary people have lost their lives. Is there anywhere safe for westerners to take their holidays away from their home countries? When will our politicians in the west stop interfering in the Middle East and put a stop to this needless bloodshed? Elections in our so called democracy are a rare event like every 4 years so I do not forsee any quick solution to this global terrorist threat that is of our own making.

Where will be the next multiple bombing? We do not know when but I feel it will happen again this year in another tourist resort that is popular with westerners.
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