Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Like ducks at the fairground.

It made me very angry yesterday when I read my newspaper . The front page story lead with the inquest into the death of Tom Hurndall who was murdered by the Israel Defence Force in Rafah. He is the 3rd British victim of the deliberate killing policy of the Israel Defence Force, the other 2 being the cameraman James Miller and Ian Hook, who was leading a UN reconstruction programme in the Jenin refugee camp.

The Israel Defence Force picked these guys off like ducks at a fairground game, a deliberate deadly game. The Israeli army and government were obstructive with any investigations into these deaths and wanted to cover these murders up. That is an inhumane response from any government and it's army was acting against international law and the Geneva Conventions. I am appalled that our own government in the UK were of little help to the berieved families and wanted the families to drop any proceedings against the Israel Defence Force. You can only wonder how much pressure the Jewish lobby has put on our government to be obstructive and to get these inquests stopped. These 3 murders are war crimes and should be prosecuted as such. Our government has not been representative of our citizens abroad and by not supporting the berieved families in seeking prosecution have condoned the criminal actions of the Israel Defense Force.

The number of Palestinian victims murdered by the Israel Defense Force is huge and receives little exposure from the UK media. Life sometimes and to some people is cheap but these are war crimes and should be prosecuted as such.

Shame on Israel for it's evil actions against humanity.
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